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We spoon, we cuddle, he starts touching my cunt … pushing between my lips with one finger, then two, enough to feel how wet I have become in the last 60 seconds, “you little slut” he whispers in my ear, and he immediately forces his cock into me, it’s pushing into my cunt, stretching me open, it’s been a week or so since we last fucked, I start whimpering and his hand is over my mouth and nose, restricting airflow, and he rams right up into me from behind, we’re still spooning but it’s not sweet and cuddly now, he’s stopping me breathing and ramming fast and hard into my sore cunt, thrusting and pounding into me, letting me breathe every now and then, gasps of air then his hand over my mouth again. He keeps up a steady stream of whispers in my ear. “You little slut, you just wanted cock, I don’t want to hear any complaints, you’re here for me to fuck, you like it when I do this to you, shut up and take it” …

I’m desperately trying to move my body to meet his rhythm, but it’s tearing me open and I’m also trying to get away, and he has an iron arm wrapped around me, holding me in place so easily no matter how hard I try to break free, though I’m not trying that hard, because I’m mentally down there in that place, I’m letting myself be used, loving being totally at his mercy, under his control.

“On your stomach.” I hastily flip over, and he pulls my hips up just enough, taps the back of my head to remind me to clasp my hands behind my head, and then he’s got a hand on the back of my neck, he’s pinning me and positioning me, and he pushes back into me, and it hurts doubly much this time going back in and I start whimpering again, and I hear “what are you, tell me what you are” and I manage to choke out “I’m a slut, I’m a cunt”, “whose cunt are you?” “Yours Master, your cunt!”

He fucks me like crazy, then he pushes a finger into my ass, and he’s ploughing both holes so fast and so cruelly, I’m in agony and he’s directing me again, “tell me what I’m doing to you”, and I gasp and finally say “you’re fucking my cunt, Master, with your cock, and you’re pushing your finger into my ass” and I feel myself blushing, and he says “why am I doing it?” and he’s fucking me SO. FUCKING. HARD. and I say “BECAUSE I’M YOUR CUNT, MASTER.”

And he cums in me, and I’m sobbing. He kisses me on the back of my head, releases my hands, strokes my back.

Then he pushes in a butt plug. Lets me clean up. And buckles on the chastity belt for the first time in months. I curl up into a little sobbing ball of slave wife. And again, he’s talking to me. “This is where you belong. This is how I love you to be. And I own you, you know that.”

He talks me down til I can fall asleep. I fall asleep as slave wife.

This is what he’s entitled to. This is what I deserve.