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that night was a bit of an anomaly recently. we’ve been slack, lazy, let the busy-ness of the new year distract us from our intimacy and sex life. so i’ve been consciously making more of an effort. getting back to this blog is obviously part of it. writing, fantasising, reading. reading a LOT of porn. the nasty porn that really is quite inappropriate *ahem* but somehow *ahem* well it’s just *ahem* well my panties are sopping wet right now. so. *ahem*

i’ve been fantasising a lot, yes, because i have such control over my body with my mind (fucking svengali over here!) that 5 minutes of fantasising makes my cunt sopping wet. he comes to bed, finds me wet, and fucks me senseless in a heavy scene.

well, that’s the idea. recently we’ve both had the flu. *rolls eyes at our pathetic selves!*

i think it’s time to really shave – not just closely trim – my cunt hair again. buy that njoy rather than just endlessly talking about it.

the big question for me – and for you, dear reader – is should i kick things back off by presenting to him every evening again? he comes to bed, i get on hands and knees and wait for him to use me? i don’t think a typical dominant male would be offended by this – he probably wouldn’t punish me for my (not in-)subordination.

so maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow night, i start it. let’s get back there. let’s put me back in my place a bit more often, a bit harder, a bit more definitively.