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well it got plenty rough. it started with cuddles on the couch watching tv. then touching and rubbing. then my head forced down to his cock, to take his cock down my throat and nestle with my face pressed against him. it was all lovey dovey and fun giggly play and just adorable. and then he took me to the bedroom – him walking, me crawling, and then i stripped off, and then he got a reasonably sized dildo, the kind that would be a little small for a cunt, but too big for an ass. and he had me on the bed, my face pressed into the mattress, my fingers interlaced on the back of my head, my knees spread wide, my ass high in the air, and he pushed that dildo slowly, slowly, forcing it into my ass, bit by bit, and i groaned and wiggled and tried to relax and it became a bit much, even with the lube, and i started moaning quite loudly. and then he started fucking me with it, rhythmic even thrusts, too much to really handle but not enough to drive me mad. and then on an outstroke, he pushed his cock into my cunt, and forced the dildo back in at the same time, and all the just-too-much sensations were now fucking too much in the extreme, and he experimented with pulling both out and then ramming both back, and then with one and then the other, alternating.

and by now i was determined that this was too much, my brain was caught in a loop of too-much-too-much and i tried to move, tried to somehow get away to breathe, to stop for a moment, and he said – don’t you fucking dare try to stop me, these are my holes and i’m going to make you feel pain tonight – and i start freaking out and really trying to move, and he rams the dildo right in, really deep, really hard, and i fucking collapse and i’m crying, and he feels the collapse, and says – you can fight if you want, it won’t help, this isn’t about you, this is about what i want. and i’m crying. and he rams the dildo home, and begins fucking my cunt in earnest, really going at me, really fast and hard which is what i like to be honest but it’s killing me, the pressure with the dildo at the same time, and he’s rubbing my clit and then he’s pinching it between his fingernails, and i’m screaming hoarse, and he’s pushing on the dildo, and pushing his cock into me, and i’m lying there limp, he’s got to hold me in the position he wants, and he’s fucking me like crazy, and i’m crying and crying. and he finally pulls out the dildo – you know that feeling when it’s taken out too fast and it’s almost as bad as it being in there – and i’m gasping for air and he pulls out his cock too, and rams it into my ass, and he’s fucking and fucking and i’ve been stretched so far open with that dildo that he’s using my ass so easily, and saying things like – that’s right, this is what you are, a collection of holes for me to use – and finally he pulls out and cums and it lands all over my ass, my cunt, dripping down my thighs, and he says – don’t move, just enjoy it. and he strokes my hair over and over.

i do hate him at that moment. how can you not. i was in a lot of pain. and i felt that warm glow of knowing what had just happened to me, and how wonderful it is that i get to experience this, and to be this person. and i feel so little, i feel ‘put down there’, mentally humbled, and emotionally at turmoil, and after he cleans me up, i huddle against his body, unable to slow down my breathing for hours, and he strokes me proprietorially, grasping and stroking and twisting and pinching, and i just never want it to end, i want to be used and to be controlled and to be utterly at his mercy and to be in pain and to be abused and to be hurt and to be fucked and to be owned.