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the great thing about the master/slave dynamic we have going, is that it’s been going successfully for over a year now. it’s pretty ingrained in how we relate to each other sexually, and nilla sex hasn’t occurred for … well … over a year. so we had a quickie last night, because it’s been hectic but we were determined to Have The Sex, so we had a quickie.

i started by going down on him, and he clamped a strong hand on the back of my head to hold me exactly in place while he pushed and pushed further down until i was gagging. he finally released me, but then fucked my face over and over while i was still gasping for breath. then he really did release me, and flipped me onto my stomach, pushed my face into the pillow and rammed right into my cunt, fucking me roughly, fast and never-ending and deep, gripping my arms behind my back, pounding into me, then finger-fucking my ass, then he pulled out, came on my back, and while he relaxed, he experimented with how many fingers he could force into my raw and aching cunt.

total time required = 15 minutes.

total negotiation required = absolutely none.