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and now i’m finding more inspiration and i’ve picked the best njoy for us to buy (the medium, in case you were wondering) and then i decide to find some new toys i think he’d like. i know he loves remote control eggs, and breast bondage, and i find some nice new toys from sub-shop:

10 Function Remote Control Bullet

Silicone Spade Crop

Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug

The Perfect Bondage Rope, Bondage Black

Forever Your Girl Steel Collar

and it comes to $103.75 USD. not bad at all, right? and then shipping to australia? $61 USD at the cheapest. so that’s about $165 USD, which will equal about $200 AUD.

nuts to that 😦 jeeeesus 😦 the njoy alone will cost $110 AUD delivered.

GODDAMNIT!!!! i want new toys :((((