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i was harming nobody, just a few innocent salad vegetables, cooking and chopping and humming to myself and he comes in, gives me a hug and a kiss, has a look at what i’m doing, it’s all just lovely and friendly.

“on your knees” he says with a gesture. i get in position, knees spread, mouth open, hands on head. sure enough he unzips his pants and casually, calmly, with that maddening air of entitlement that he is actually totally entitled to … he pulls his cock out, it’s getting quite hard already, and he brings my head closer and begins to slide in and out of my mouth.

he alternates between holding me quite still, in position, and moving my head back and forth, further down onto his cock, bringing more into my throat. i ride it out, breathing, feeling my headspace plunge right down into that slave space, feeling my muscles sag, leaning against him, taking his cock into my mouth like i’ve been hungry for it. (so who’s to say i haven’t been…)

he pulls out. i’m gasping for air slightly. “crawl to the bedroom. now. go. move, move!” kicks me gently to get me scurrying in front of him, he’s following me closely, and i make it to the bed, “up, face down, bend down” so i fling myself over the edge of the bed, he shoves a knee between my legs to force them open which i swear i was about to do anyway i was about to open them but he’s moving pretty fast, he leans over me, gets into position, and begins hammering into me, one hand on the back of my head, the other pushing fingers into my mouth and getting wet with my saliva so he can push them into my ass.

he cums, and pulls out. i’m now a quivering mess, no way i can go back to chopping vegetables, and he recognises that, because he strokes my back and gently tugs on my collar, guiding me silently to the cage. he strips off what’s left of my clothing, and ushers me inside. puts the gimp hood on me, to calm me down. the penis gag in my mouth. i’m in foetal position. “you can touch yourself, babygirl.” my hands immediately move down there, stroking my cunt lips, feeling his cum seeping out of me.

he locks the cage. i hear him sink onto the bed and use his laptop.

i stay like this for a while. i zone out. i calm down. i love being this small. i love being this owned.