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he came home tired again. tired and frustrated and another shitty day at work. i was in the study on my computer when he got home, and i came out to meet him. we hugged, kissed, hello, how was your day, etc. he dropped his bags and stuff and as he unbuckled his belt he told me “hands on the wall”. i knew what this meant, so i quickly pulled my undies off (was wearing one of the short skirts he prefers me to wear at home) and faced the wall, hands above my head, legs spread.

he pressed up against me, found his way in, and slowly, ever so slowly and sensually, began thrusting up into me, pushing me, lifting me, holding and stroking my breasts, turning me on like crazy. he read my body language (and heard my little whimpers) and sped up a bit, banging me against the wall, then he lifted/dragged/pushed me back into the study, onto the carpet, and put me on all fours. kept going, kept stroking, fondling, thrusting, deeper and harder, just crazy good sex, and i absolutely loved it. i knew that this was good for him, coming home to a wife who wouldn’t say no, who would give him exactly what he needed after a hard day at work. and for some reason he didn’t want to prove intense dominance over me, he just was comfortable having excellent sex with me.

he pulled out just before cumming, and dragged me around by my hair to lick and suck on his balls and then wrap my lips around the head of his cock as his cum shot out into my mouth and i swallowed it down. he sighed happily and looked at me. it was positively romantic and angelic.

“stay here” he commanded, and went off to the bedroom. came back and had the gimp hood, penis gag, chastity belt, dildo, and medium butt plug. “strip”. my little tshirt came off, as did the skirt. then he buckled and laced everything onto me, locked it into position, and i was writhing on the ground, moaning and aching. he carried me to the bedroom, and put me in bed, and cuddled me and teased me and pushed and tweaked and tickled and stroked until i was positively on the brink of madness.

this is the other role, isn’t it. to be the toy, to keep providing entertainment after providing relief. it is all totally lovely on a night like this, knowing how well i served him and how much happier i made my husband. i got amazing sensations, and he got to enjoy every part of me and doing whatever he wanted.