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He comes to bed, and I’ve been asleep for 15 minutes. i wake up drowsily, to his finger rubbing between my cunt lips, and his breath on my neck, he rubs and rubs and slips his finger inside of me, and i’m squirming and whimpering, i’m still raw from the last few nights, but he keeps going, and then he pulls his finger out, and starts pushing his cock in. it rubs me raw going into my sore cunt, i may be sopping wet with my greedy little hole getting slick in excitement, but it’s still sore and tight and his hard cock spears me and he owns me and i am turned on and in pain and oh god oh god

he immediately rolls me onto my front, pushes my face into the pillow, sits up above me, and begins ploughing deep into me, the angle lets him push right in and pin me to the bed, he’s got a hand on the back of my neck and he’s fucking me like crazy, ramming fast and hard into me, not letting me get a breath, and it’s faster and painful and splitting me open and i couldn’t fight back if i wanted to, he is using my cunt without having to look at me, without letting me move, just using me as a hole, a slick welcoming hole that clearly wants to be used like this and needs to be abused like this, and he cums deep inside me and i fall asleep feeling his ownership all over me and inside me and defining me