actually, this is the NON-fantasy part of the writing. i would just like to explain/defend a few things:

  1. this is my blog, my space. if you were offended by anything – that’s your problem, not mine. that being said, you can talk to me about what you’re offended by. i will listen. i may choose not to respond.
  2. i used words like rape and abuse only after a lot of internal soul-searching. i hope this wasn’t triggering for anyone. i know it was all pretty non-consensual – in reality, this would be a clear-cut case of rape. yet in my twisted little world, it’s a fantasy that i feel unequivocal about – this turns me on. rape fantasies turn me on. i used those words simply because they made it even more heavy and effective a fantasy for me. i’m sorry if those words didn’t work for you. please feel free to write your own fantasies.
  3. i’m not sure if having two masters could ever really work. if they were that in tune, then THEY should probably be fucking each OTHER, not the slave! but i liked the idea that the whole scenario was designed to push the slave into a new headspace of utter humiliation and acceptance, and then, that it would be rewarded by having two people who would now help keep her down there.
  4. yes, writing this got me incredibly wet and horny. yes, i want to be controlled by two men in bed, even just as a one-off. no, i’ve never been d-p-ed. yes, i desperately want it. triple, in fact. i wish my husband would arrange this for me.

if you liked the story, please tell me. if you didn’t like it, please tell me. if you’d like me to write up a fantasy of yours, for you privately or for on this blog, just tell me. i’d appreciate the practice 🙂