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the door opens. i’m staring at the ceiling and gasping for breath. i hear them leave the room, someone enter. two people are in the room, yes, two, and they slide into bed, one either side of me.

“hi gorgeous wife.”

i burst into tears and cling to him.

soft voice behind me. “she’s had a big night.”

“did everything happen like we planned?”

“yes, they were pretty rough. all the new play, lots of mindfucking. she needed some help.”

“i’m not surprised. thanks for being here with her. what are you thinking?”

“oh yeah, i’m definitely up for this. definitely. she’s amazing, and i really appreciate the opportunity.”

my husband gently pulls back from me, speaks to me. “babygirl, you and i are great together, but i think you need more. i think you feel too safe. it’s too easy for you.”

i start to hyperventilate.

“no, babygirl, no, i’m not angry at you. i just want to … increase it for you. make it much heavier. take away any last spark of resistance.”

he pauses.

“bring you under my control – our control. i know you liked him tonight, i know this worked for you. you don’t have to feel ashamed about it. you could submit to him like you submit to me. and that’s great. because sweetheart, you now have two masters. shhh, don’t argue. just listen to me. whenever i’m away, whenever i’m not with you – he can be with you. and when i’m there – maybe he’ll be there too. two masters. twice the control. you will be totally owned, controlled, every moment.”

i start to listen, to understand. “always?”

“always. a firm hand always there to keep you in line. a cock for you to please. a master who defines your world for you. we will make it a very small, very restricted little life, and that’s what you need. we’re going to bring you to the very core of your being – the slave you are – and we’re going to keep you there. because it’s good for you. and because i know it’s enjoyable for you, and it’s what gives you peace. because tonight was enjoyable, wasn’t it?”

“no. no master it really wasn’t.”

he waits. and from behind me i feel gentle hands stroking me, running up and down my body, soothing me.

“it wasn’t fun. it was horrible.”

he waits. soft voice is kissing my neck, whispers to me “tell him the truth.”

“master it was … i was … i was so little. i just did it all. i was good. i promise. it did something to me. i didn’t want it to. but i … i wanted it. i let them do it to me. oh god … master this isn’t going to happen all the time is it?????”

“no, sweetheart, no. but this is the sort of situation i like putting you in. what you submitted to tonight – it breaks your boundaries wide open, it opens you up to a new world of experience. that’s why it’s now going to be the three of us.”

soft voice from behind me. “little girl, you know i take care of you. you know i think you’re amazing. i’m just going to help you become even better at being you. take more. experience more. enjoy more. submit to it. give in, give up. that’s helped tonight, hasn’t it?”


my husband reminds me, “yes what?”

“yes master?”

“that’s right, two masters now. to protect you, to train you, to look after you. which makes you twice the slave. no space for anything but slave in that heart of yours. slave, and wife. you’re only my wife, but you’re slave to both of us.”

soft voice, “i am going to love you, and look after you. i am going to use you like you need to be used. i’ll keep you in line.”

“so will i, sweetheart. together we’re going to make you a better slave.”

“do i get a say in this, master?” i surprise myself with this question.

“no, of course not.” he sounds amused.

my reaction surprises me too. i feel relief and peace. “good, master.”

he chuckles. soft voice does too. “see, this is exactly why i love you. why we both love you. this is what you are. just perfect. now come here for a hug.”

i nestle into my husband’s arms. he adjusts himself, my body, just slightly, and i feel his cock press into my sore, aching cunt. i take it happily. i cringe, i whimper and i clench my jaw … but this is happiness.

then behind me, he pushes his cock, i haven’t had it at all, and now i am getting it, into my poor violated asshole, he pushes it a millimetre at a time, slowly, gently, and i’m being pushed further onto each cock, and i can’t breathe, and they’re pushing deeper and both holes are being stuffed full, but it’s a million times better than the horrible man before, and i give up and i give in.

“that’s it, babygirl. feel my cock filling your ass? this is what it’s like. two of us. two cocks to take. two masters to obey. total obedience, that’s what you’ll give us. let us do this to you, because you know you can’t stop us.”

“oh sweetheart, i hear how hard this is for you, he must have really hurt you before, i feel you’re not as tight as usual, but i love this moment so much, because you’re going through so much pain for me, you’re taking it all.”

they’re fucking me now, alternating and fucking and taking and holding and grabbing and my husband’s tongue is deep in my mouth and soft voice is twisting my nipple and rubbing my clit and my brain is exploding and my world is transforming and the two of them are all around me and i give in to it, and i take it all, and this is happiness, this is obeying, this is slave, and then they pull out of me, and i reach out for them and beg them “please master, master, master, i need it, master, please” and they pull the covers off me and kneel on either side of me as i lie on my back

“touch yourself, girl. three fingers, inside, and touch yourself outside too. faster, faster, now now now”

i don’t know who’s saying it, but i’m doing it, and then one cock is in my mouth, filling it with his cum, and i gulp and swallow and then before i have a chance to breathe, it’s left my mouth and the other cock is in there, and more cum fills me up, and i’m spluttering, but soft voice puts his hand over my mouth and pinches my nose shut with the other.

“let me help you, babygirl. this is the first cum of your night. this is our right. taste it. you’ll be swallowing a lot more from here on. this is the beginning. take it inside you.”

and i swallow, and swallow, and swallow.

“and now … sleep. we won’t leave you.”

and they stroke my body, sending me to sleep, as i hear them talking softly about my future, my life, my body, my soul, … their slave.