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apparently when he came to bed at 3am, i snuggled into his arms, pressing myself against his cock. and then i put his hand on my cunt. and then i asked him if i had shaved it well enough. and then i do remember part of the fucking, specifically the part where he flipped me onto my stomach and the movement of his cock in and out of me was slick and fast.

and apparently then he told me clean him off and i licked his cock and balls clean. and then i vaguely remember him saying something that now i had lubed up his cock with my mouth so he was going to use me again.

so then he fucked me again, and i remember him pinning my arms behind my back and forcing my face into the pillow and him fucking me hard harder hardest oh god he’s going to tear me open and then he came in me and i woke up with sticky thighs and a hazy memory.