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number three comes over to me. “relax, sweetheart. we aren’t all that mean. here, lie down with me.” he pulls me down, under the covers with him. i’m shivering and shaking. “shhhh, lie on your tummy. i’m just going to rub your back. shhh, it’s alright.” he does what he says – gently massaging me, going no further than the small of my back. just rubbing and “shhh”ing me. i can’t relax, but i enjoy the sudden peace. it’s warm under the blankets, his body heat is emanating, and this is better.

“you’re pretty amazing, you know that? your husband is very lucky. you’re taking a lot tonight. that last guy, he was pretty much raping you, you realise that? and you let him do it, you didn’t fight. that’s amazing.”

he’s shifted his body slightly, he’s looming over me more, and he puts a knee between my thighs.

“shhh, it’s okay. you just stayed there, and let him do that to you. and then you helped him. you helped him rape you, you helped him fuck your ass like you’re nothing. you even said that you’re nothing.”

now both knees are between my thighs, which are spreading uncomfortably. he’s leaning over me, pressing on my shoulders, kneading and rubbing rhythmically and vigorously. i relax in spite of myself.

“you’re not nothing, though. you’re an amazing little slave. so obedient. so submissive. you’re perfect. i’m so impressed with you. and the fact you took that from him, well, i know you won’t deny me anything.”

now he pinions my wrists above my head, gently, easily, and with the other hand, he rakes his nails down my back. i convulse and moan.

“you won’t stop me.”

again and again he tears down my back. i start to whimper, to squeal.


i obey.

“you will take anything i do to you. look at us, snuggling in bed so sweetly. you accept anything we do to you. i’m going to make you hurt.”

he pushes one, two fingers into my ass. i squirm but not too much. i obey. i obey. then he reaches for something out of the bed, and i hear the noises of lube being squirted out of a bottle. he returns to my ass. three fingers. the knuckles scrape me horribly. i obey. i moan, i obey.

“get used to it. this is happening to you, and nobody is going to stop it.”

four fingers, i feel distended, it’s not like a cock. then he’s somehow bunching up all his fingers, his thumb, it’s all going into me and i can’t take it, i can’t i can’t i can’t “i can’t take it sir i can’t i can’t please sir please stop please please please”

and he pushes them all inside me and i am sobbing “please please please no no no” and he pushes them deeper and then he’s pushing something into my cunt at the same time something too large and it’s all pinching my skin and stretching me horribly and hideously and i hate it and i’m crying and crying and crying and he starts fucking my cunt with the thing and i’m crying and i’m crying

“yesssssssss. this is what i do to you. this is how i use your body. your holes. i own you now. nobody has done this to you before, i know it. and now your husband hasn’t either – i have. i will always own this part of you. feel that pain? it’s not stopping. i’m going to make it hurt, you fucking whore.”

and he’s fucking my cunt with the thing and he’s fucking my ass with his whole fist and it’s far too much and i start screaming and screaming and then soft voice is back and he’s whispering to me, urgently, sternly, “take it, take it, give in to it, give in to the pain. GIVE IN TO IT. listen to me, do you know what you are? you are your husband’s slave, and he owns you, and this man owns you, and we all own you, and this party, this night, it is your entire world, and your world is filled with us, with our cocks, and the pain we give you, and even the pleasure, take it all, give up, stop fighting, let the pain wash over you, take it, take it, this is the right thing for you, this is right, take it, accept it.”

i give up. my sobs go quiet. i lie there limp. he flips me around, lifts me up and rams me down onto the bed. pulls out almost entirely, then fills me to bursting. alternates filling my holes. he’s hurting me terribly.

“give in to it. it isn’t going to change.”

i let it happen. i listen to my slave heart. this is right. this is pleasure, this is pain. this is me. this is what i am.

“enjoy this pain. you are lucky he wants to do this to you.”

somehow, i manage to gasp out “thank you sir.”

“of course you’re thanking me. i’m bringing you to a new place of pleasure. this is new, but you’re going to love it. you’re going to wish you had me tearing you wide open, every night. this pain will never leave you.”

he fucks my cunt like crazy. then my ass. then my cunt. then my ass. i’m collapsing around him. then suddenly he pulls out the thing from my cunt, and i gasp, and then he slides out his hand, and i scream, and he suddenly is up at my head, and he holds my head down on the bed facing up, and plunges his cock into my mouth, and he’s fucking me and just like the rest he pulls out the moment before he’s going to come.

i don’t wait to be asked. “thank you sir. thank you for hurting me. thank you for the pain. thank you for treating me like that. thank you for letting me be your whore.”

he seems satisfied. he twists my nipples til i cry out. “good girl. you took it well.”