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some more thoughts on this …

  • don’t hesitate. don’t prevaricate. if you want to fuck me, do it. don’t let me think for a moment that you might go easy on me and care what i think.
  • use me whenever and however. there can’t be boundaries and there can’t be safewords. take away any right i have to refuse.
  • time it perfectly. use me when i want it. when i am busy. when i’m irritated. when i’m panicking. when i need it. hint: i need it all the time. i may not want it, but i need it.
  • i need to be used because it keeps me submissive. i’m submissive because i need to be used.
  • if you want to make love to me, you can. if you want to fuck me to the dangerous point of non-consensuality, you can.
  • degrade me. humiliate me. force me into deep capitulation, obedience and acceptance. break me hard and it’ll be harder for me to resist next time.
  • make me physically demonstrate that i am a slave. i need to accept my role and enact it time and time again.
  • take away my power. take away my clothing, my voice, my sight, my control. use me when it hurts. use me when it doesn’t. negate my very right to have a say.
  • love me. love me. love me. love me. treasure me. appreciate me. i have always thrived on your love. i will continue to thrive, as long as you love me.