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and he’s still fucking me and then soft voice is whispering into my ear. “go with it. let him take you like this. stop fighting it. stop fighting what you are. you’re a slave to your husband, right? so tonight you’re a slave to us. you’re here to be used. you exist to be used for sex whenever, however. this is your role. this is your job. this is what you are. give in to it. let him fuck you. let him hurt you. accept it. this night isn’t over. give up. give in to us.”

i hold onto his voice like a good luck charm. i listen to him, intently. i try to block out the grunts of the man fucking me, the noises of his body slamming into me. “yes master. yes yes yes master.”

“relax your body. relax.”

i try.

“now push against him. show him you understand why you’re here. push against him. take his cock deep into you.”

i try. i swallow my pride, my ego, i let my slave heart take over, and i push back firmly against his thrusting, spearing cock.

“fuck yeah, that’s it whore, that’s it, take my cock!”

soft voice returns. “look how happy he is. look how well you’re doing. that’s my girl. i know you can do it. tell him how you feel.”

i gasp out between thrusts “like shit! like nothing! i hate this! i’m just a hole!”

i hear the smile in his voice. “you’re not shit, but you are just a hole. that’s right. hold onto that, little girl. you’re just a hole. and holes are there to be filled. and that’s what he’s doing. what are you going to say to him now?”

i let my instinct take over, ignoring inner doubt. my master here is telling me what to do, and i obey. “fill me, sir! fill my hole with your cock! thank you sir! thank you for treating me like this!”

“good girl. now push. push. take him deeper. i want this to hurt you, just enough.”

i push, i take more, he forces even more of his cock into me, it hurts, it hurts more, i push more, i’m screaming silently now, my throat raw, i’m grinding against him, it’s killing me.

and he pulls out. i feel him spit on my back. “not bad, whore. not bad, filthy greedy little slut.” he walks away.

soft voice has left me too. i hear them talking softly in the corner again. now i can’t hear a word they’re saying. still, two down. i’m sobbing softly to myself. then i remember to behave myself. “thank you sir.” i stammer out. “thank you for fucking my ass.”

soft voice replies “that’s my girl.”