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they gather around him and congratulate him, and totally ignore me. “nice one, really nice.” “did you see her face? god she hated it at the start! she really fucking hates you!” “yeah but she got way into it. think she likes having a daddy?” “she loves being fucked. nah, not just fucked. being really fucking used. like a whore. god, what a good fuck she is! i wish i was her daddy, i’d keep her chained up and lubed up all day long.”

i keep my legs up in the air, aching like crazy. i’m not being told off again. i’m going to give in to this, because i can tell that this is doing something to me, and i need to ride it out and let it happen to me, it’s part of me, this is who i am, i hate it but i crave it.

another one comes over to me. “you really liked that, slut, we could tell.”

he seems to expect a response. “yes sir. yes. i liked it.”

“that’s it? that’s all you have to say?”

i feel it take over me. i get off the bed before he realises and i crawl over to the man who just fucked me, my daddy. “please daddy, please let me clean off your cock. please use my mouth daddy, please.”

i sit up on my knees and put my hands on my head like my Master likes, and open my mouth wide, staring at his cock, glistening with my cunt juices and his pre-cum. i want that cock so bad.

there’s silence. then one laughs for a brief moment.

the soft voice speaks. “you know how you look? like a little slut whose husband is renting her out for a night, and who is loving it, loving being treated like a whore. is that what you are?”

a long pause. “yes sir. i want this.”

another pause. “well wait are you waiting for? fuck her face, go for it.”

daddy kneels down and looks in my eyes. “babygirl, you are perfect. i love how much you crave cock. you’re a greedy little cunt, but i love it.” he stands up, strokes my hair before grabbing handfuls and ramming his cock deep into my mouth, my throat, i’m gagging and coughing and i grab his thighs and hold on tight and push into him and he fucks my face so hard and fast. again i swear he’s going to come, but he pulls out. i’m coughing, i’m spluttering, my eyes are watering.

“good job, little girl. daddy is proud of you.”

i manage to get out “thank you daddy.”

then another one speaks. “enough of this touching moment. my turn. no more babygirl. bitch, get on the bed on all fours. fast.”

still swallowing daddy’s pre-cum, i stagger over to the bed and get up as directed. i wait for more instructions.

“lube up your ass with your spit.”

i do this, my heart starting to fill with fear and doubt.

“spread your ass wide for me.”

i spread my knees wider, then pull my ass cheeks apart with my hands, my face now pressed to the mattress.

“beg for it.”

“please sir, please fuck my ass.”

“that’s it? that’s all i get?”

i gulp. “please sir, put your big hard cock in my ass. fuck my ass with your cock.”

“yes, and?”

“and … and fuck me hard. rough. deep. use my ass. treat me like your whore. let me serve you.”

the night air is cold on my ass and i hate hearing the words coming out of my mouth and i start to say “can we – can i – ”

and it’s too late because the words are muffled by the mattress as he forces my head down, and he’s put more lube on his cock because he drives right into my asshole, and he’s leaning over me and ramming deep into me, and i’m aching as my asshole tries to stretch with this sudden intrusion, and he starts fucking me, hard and rhythmic and non-stop, just going and going, and i try to relax into it, and i try to give into it, but i want daddy back, i want my Master, my husband, the soft voice, anyone but this, and i start to pull away, and he pulls my head back with a fistful of hair, pulling and wrenching, and he spits at me “you. are. my. whore. and you can’t stop this. your husband gave you to me. this is what i do to whores. this is what i do little slaves like you. you can’t stop me.” he slams my face back into the mattress and he’s fucking me so rough and hard my body is collapsing and i’m crying, i’m crying and crying and he wrenches both my arms behind my back and grips them there and my ass is pushed up at him and he’s taking it, he’s taking me, and i hate it