this morning, he casually fucked me awake, almost vanilla except for the choking hand on my throat.

home all day together, he had me naked, on all fours, presenting my cunt to him, spreading my lips wide, while he ate his breakfast.

had me fuck myself with a dildo and butt plug while he watched.

four point restraint on the bed, on my stomach, pillows under my hips, fucking my ass on and off for an hour. leaving me to wait, returning to use me again.

chastity belt for the rest of the afternoon, two plugs.

giving head to him under the table while he ate dinner. got his cum for my own appetiser.

after dinner – out of the few clothing items i was wearing, into horrible high heels, hood, penis gag, posture collar. kneeling at his feet while he watched tv.

crawl to the bedroom. crawl into the cage. be pulled out of the cage just far enough so he can fuck me. back in the cage. cage locked. shoes killing my feet. almost asleep and then he pulls me out again, fucks me again, takes the shoes off, takes the hood and collar off, back in the cage i go. sleep.

dragged out in the middle of the night, bent over the cage, ass fucked while the metal bars bite into my breasts.

back into the cage. no, changes his mind, out of the cage. into bed with him.

finally, loving snuggles, sweet words, and sleep!