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i expect them to rush me all at once, and i brace myself. but it’s just one of them, not the one i like. this one lies down on top of me. “wrap your arms around me, baby.” i do so, gingerly. i think he fucked my mouth before? which time? i give up. he grinds against me, squashing my breasts, i feel him envelop me. “give yourself to me. come on sweetheart, give in to me, let it all go, you know you want this.” i don’t, i don’t, i hate that he’s calling me sweetheart. “wrap your legs around me too, hold on to daddy, i’m going to take you for a ride.” he sounds so cheesy, i hate this, and i hesitate for a second. he kisses me hard, sloppy, forcing his tongue so far in that i gag, and he’s stroking my cheeks, my hair, and he’s all around me. he breaks free, “legs, babygirl, come on sweetie, don’t make me hurt you.” i hate him. i wrap my legs around him. i feel his cock and balls pressing against my cunt lips, i hate him. i want this. i want my daddy to fuck my cunt. i hate myself. i am this babygirl. i have this daddy. i cling to him. i hold on tight to my daddy.

the other three are standing close. i sense them. i hear some movement – their hands on their cocks. they’re watching me and they’re enjoying watching this happen to me.

“sweetheart, enjoy it. enjoy this. right now, i’m your Master. i’m your father, your daddy, i’m going to teach you how to do this right. i’m loving using you like this. you might as well enjoy it too.”

he guides his cock into me. he’s hunched over me because i’m so short. he’s surrounding me. he keeps talking as he begins fucking me, slowly, he probably thinks it’s sexy. “oh babygirl, your cunt is so wet for your daddy. you know this is what you’re made for, don’t you. you don’t have to do anything in life but just give me this cunt whenever i need it. i need you, babygirl. you’re my little cunt, my little whore, i’m going to fuck you so hard, you’re going to love this, you’re a little slut who is going to have such a good time, oh babygirl, daddy’s going to fuck you so hard.”

i hate him! i hate this. i want to feel him rip me open with his cock. i want him to leave me alone. i want to be hurt. and he gets into my brain. he’s fucking me slowly, then quick, then slow, then crazy deep, then pulling almost all the way out, goddamnit it he’s good at this, and he keeps talking, whispering in my ears, telling me how he’s my daddy and i’m his little girl and i’m such a good fuck and daddy is so proud of me, and i start to lose control and i’m moaning and moaning and whimpering and saying over and over “daddy daddy daddy fuck me” and he is pretty happy with this because he starts ramming into me like an animal, ratcheting it up and fucking me in a frenzy. “oh fuck yeah babygirl, oh god, you love my cock don’t you, you love any cock, you love being at our mercy, you need to be used.” i thrust against him and bite his neck. i hate myself. “oh sweetheart give it to daddy, give it your daddy, give it to me, come on” “yes daddy, please fuck me harder, i want daddy’s cock in me i want your cum please daddy use your little girl fuck your little girl please daddy” and i hate what i’m saying and i want hi to control every inch of me – but he pulls out just before i swear he was about to come, and i cry out in frustration “no daddy!”, reaching for him, but he backs away quickly, leaving me suddenly exposed and writhing on the bed.

what the fuck just happened.