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“so that’s, what, a cunt fucking out there, another one in here, plus two face-fuckings, and i’m pretty certain you were in her ass before too – right? yep. okay boys, we’ve got a job to do here, enough playing around. time to put her in her place.” this is a new voice. soft but authoritative. my knees go a bit weak. he notices, somehow. “that’s right sweetheart, we’re going to go to town on you. but you’ll take it, because you know that’s what you’re here for. and you’re such a pretty little thing, so tight and wet, i know you’re just what we’ve been looking for. you’re going to do so well. we have a few things we need to do to you, and we’re going to do them all. and from how much you enjoyed being practically raped by these men so far, i have no doubt you’re going to get a lot out of tonight. because after all – you have no consent to give us. you can’t be raped. you can only be treated like the slave you are. so relax. now, on the bed, on your back, legs up in the air, legs spread.”

i do it, and i hope he’s going to be first. the other men disappear in my memory, their cocks and the fucking is just a prequel, i want this man to use me and to erase my consent. he comes over, but instead of just fucking me, he pulls my cunt lips far apart, stretching me open deep inside.

“look at this boys. look at this beautiful wet cunt. it’s quite pink, quite red. a bit sore little girl? is it? from all the cocks you’ve been taking inside you already, quite happily?”

they crowd around and pull my legs further apart.

“yes sir. it’s sore.”

“and look at this ass. someone get a finger in there, tell me, how tight is it?”

“oh fuck yeah. oh god it’s like he doesn’t fuck her here at all. like a virgin. and this is after you went at her before – she’s still tight like crazy.”

“wonderful, that bodes well. two wonderful little holes. what about her mouth?”

one comes up to my head, pins and pulls my mouth open, stroking my lips, my tongue, i feel nauseated. he pushes fingers in and out. “soft, wet, she opens pretty large. and she took all of your cock before without a problem – i think she deep throats pretty easily.”

“three wonderful holes. that’s what we have for the night. he’s given her to us, he’s given us three holes, so let’s have a good look at them. we need to break her just right.”

what does that even mean?

they’re spreading me open, focusing on just my holes, fingers pulling at my cunt lips, scraping the inside of my cunt, wiggling inside my asshole and pushing deep into me, forcing my mouth wide and hitting the back of my throat, i’m retching but he puts his hand on my neck and keeps tickling, i’m jerking off the bed and someone puts a knee on my stomach.

“shsss little girl. we get to inspect you. it’s our right. we’ll be done soon. don’t fight us.”

it’s the soft voice one, and i just go limp at his voice again.

“okay everyone. give her a bit of a taste.”

and they’re pistoning in and out of each hole, just a finger or two, that’s the only sensation i have, just feeling every hole be fucked like a machine. then they suddenly pull out, and i’m left with the hand on my throat. my legs fall to the bed, but as the soft voice says warningly “girl …”, i wrench them back up into position.