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one of the others had come over. “oh nice. very nice. got it all in yet?”

“no, don’t want to break her before we’ve even started. nice and slow, that’s what i do.”

a moment’s pause as he keeps pushing into me and i am panting, my head hung low, and then from behind he grabs my hair and pulls my head right up and back, i’m gazing up at the other man and his cock is stiff and right in front of me.

“you know you want to. let’s get in a quick spitroast while the committee’s discussing.”

“fuck yeah, i don’t see why not. get her started. don’t break her, sure, but let’s break her in.”

and he grips my head tight and starts fucking my mouth, and then from behind he must have all his cock inside me, because he sighs deeply “oh god. she is so tight. this is heaven. okay here i go.”

and then he starts see-sawing out of me, pulling me back and forth on his cock and the cock of the man in front of me. i can’t help it i start crying, i relax my asshole to let it in and the very act of doing that triggers my slave cunt to get wet, i can sense it, and i moan instinctively, and the one in front of me laughs happily. “god yes, don’t stop that! whatever you did to her, keep doing it!”

so the one behind rams deep into me, and i yelp and squeal around the cock ploughing into my mouth, and now they both go at me fast and totally not in rhythm and i’m being thrown around like a toy and like a whore and then one of them quickly counts “and .. three” and they both pull out and i collapse on the ground.

“nice roast.”

“hell yeah. bodes well for us. maybe not for her.”

they wander back over and the conversation continues. i lie there crying and gasping and cursing my cunt and asking myself what kind of whore i am to enjoy this at all.

finally one says loudly “come.” he clicks his fingers.

i crawl over to them, dragging the leash behind me.

“look up. look at us.”

i do. four shadowy faces stare down at me.

“we know your husband, very well. he’s probably off using our wives and girlfriends right now. we’ve sorted it all out with him. he’s given us full permission to use you tonight. you’ve probably figured that out already. anyway, we’re not going to be cruel, we’re just going to enjoy you for a while. we know you can take it, and you’re going to enjoy a bit of it, too. be a good girl, and do what you’re told, and it’ll go well for you. got it?”

“yes sir.”

“a few ground rules before we really start. first, obviously, no refusing anything. second, you only speak when spoken to. third, you swallow every drop. any problems with this?”

“no sir.”

another one speaks. “so this is a wife sharing club. all the men are doms, or masters, or just in control of their women. the women, well, they’re like you. so we get together now and then to have fun putting our wives in their places. to show them they’re on this earth to be used by men. so, tell us. what’s your place? what are you? you need to say it.”

what does he want? “i’m a slut, sir?”

“yes, but more than that. tell us everything.”

“i’m a slut, sir. i’m a fuckslut?” i look up, and see he’s nodding. i continue, feeling myself get wet as i speak the words i normally speak to my Master. “i’m a whore who deserves to be fucked, to be used. i need to be taken like a fucktoy, i need my holes to be filled, i deserve nothing but to be fucked by whoever i belong to. i belong to you, sir.” i surprise myself with that last one. i feel a bit lost.

“excellent. just perfect. you belong to me. to all of us. and tonight we’re going to have fun teaching you that, reminding you that.”

he pulls me up, holds me tight pressed against him, kissing me and grinding his cock between my cunt lips as he thrusts his tongue into my mouth. one of the others pushes a finger into my ass and i push forward, away from it, and the other one takes this as a good sign, and he kisses me harder, and then he walks me to the bed, i’m stumbling and his cock is threatening to push right into me, and he’s kissing and kissing and i start to tongue him back and i want his cock in me now and i am a whore and a slut and he pushes his own finger into my ass and i squirm against him and wrap my arms tighter around him and he kisses me harder and i wriggle against him to get his cock into me and i’m just a whore

he pulls away from me and pushes me the last step towards the bed.

“bend over.”

i crawl to the bed and bend over. i’m way past panic and i’m accepting this because in my heart of hearts i know it’s unavoidable, it’s right, it’s because of what i am that i’m here, it’s because i love my husband, it’s because i know my place, bent over a bed, legs spread, for a stranger to use. i push my ass up, i spread my legs wide, i know i am a whore and i want them to use me and i am terrified

“excellent, whore.” he grips my hips, pulls me to where he wants me, pushes into me, finally, finally, his cock in me, finally, i push back hard against him, taking it fast into me, it hurts and hurts and he fucks me for a minute or so, rams so deep into me on the last one, his cock isn’t as big as Master’s but this hurts. i cry out briefly.

“oh girl, this is going to be a walk in the park compared to what we’re going to do to you.” he grunts and pulls out of me, leaving me gasping and i can feel my cunt gaping obscenely at them.

“we’re going to enjoy you, every part of you. you might be begging for more by the end of it. you might be begging us to stop. but you’ll know what you’re made for – to be used by men.”