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… tell her to come quick because there’s something awesome on your computer you want to show her.

she comes to your desk, realises you’re watching porn, and you push her under your desk and tell her “start sucking, and finger yourself too.”

i knelt there licking pre-cum off his cock for ages while i heard a few men gang bang a woman, then another woman, then the two women fucking, i think, i’m not sure, maybe there was a dildo, then there were more men, and two gang bangs? anyway i hate to say but i got wet listening and sucking and fingering, so when he rolled his chair back and stared down at me with that slightly superior look in his eyes, i gave in to my little slutty heart and turned around with much alacrity, presenting my naked ass to him, and he fucked my cunt really deeply and hard, really good solid pounding, and i was relaxing into it, and then he starts saying “you’d like it wouldn’t you … that many men, fucking you like a whore … you’d like being taken by 3 cocks at the same time … you want to be fucked … you need to be fucked … you’d love it, don’t lie.”

he knows i have a weakness for fantasies about gang bangs … so yes, “yes, i want it, i want it!”

not my classiest moment. gasping out my arousal at the prospect of being fucked by a group of men, turned on after being used as a hole while listening to my husband watch porn.

really fucking classy!