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and then he pulls out, and i stumble and trip and land on one of them, the one who’s kissing me, he pulls to him and wraps me in an embrace, it feels like a lover but then it doesn’t, it’s tight and wrenching and he’s digging his nails in and he bites me and he scratches me and then he lets me go and i fall backwards and one of them catches me and i’m on the ground uncomfortably sitting splayed and panting and sweating and i look up and they are standing around me looking down at me

a man near us says appreciatively “nice one. i hear she’s good. she looks like she’s excellent. don’t go easy on her.”

another man says “i’ll take her once you’re done. i don’t mind sloppy seconds!”

someone else laughs. “i’ll share her with you. spit roast sound good?”

they laugh and i cringe. the men look down at me and the expressions on their faces range from hungry, through interested, dismissive, everything. i look away.

one picks up my leash. “time to go, little girl.”

they turn away from me, and pull me into a room that leads off this large shared space. it’s bright in there, but they turn off the light, and there’s just a lamp in the corner. i see a king sized bed, and a stack of pillows on the ground. i’m on all fours, my cunt is wet and sore, and i can tell it’s just starting.

the men gather in another corner and mutter between themselves. finally one comes over to where i’m frozen in position. he gets down on the ground in front of me. “open.” so i open my mouth. he guides his cock in, holds my head firmly, and fucks my face, hard, for only a few seconds. he pulls out, walks back to the others. they keep talking. i gasp for air and taste a stranger’s pre-cum in my mouth. i want to retch.

just obey, don’t argue. make him proud.

another one comes over. positions himself behind me, spits on my asshole, and then using his fingers, pulls it open, spreads it out, probes it with one fingertip, two fingertips, stretches it far in each direction, and then nudges the head of his cock inside, just pushing in enough to make me gasp, and then he slowly slowly sinks into me, pushing deeper just a bit more and more.

“hey come over here. come on. look at this. look how she’s taking me.”