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giving head in a movie theatre 🙂

of course in my old fantasies, it was me deciding to do it, doing it for 30 seconds, and him being so impressed he fell in even crazier deeper love and gave me a respectful peck on the cheek.

in my new reality, he pulled me down into his lap, pushed his cock into my mouth, and held me there for about 15 minutes. he periodically thrust into me, but my job was really to lie there and give up my right to enjoy the movie.

apparently i did a really good job. he sat me up, zipped his pants, took me out of the theatre entirely, gagged me in the car (because he claimed i was asking too many times what the hell he was doing), dragged me inside by my hair and then had me on all fours in the front hallway, fucking me like crazy and cumming within seconds.

“got a problem with this, slut?”

i looked at him and i really did debate pointing out how unfair it was that i didn’t get to watch the film. i looked at him, and i swallowed all that arguing, and i said “no, master. it’s fine”.

i dropped my eyes demurely, but he wasn’t having it. “why not? why is this fine?”

i felt my cunt getting wetter as i answered, felt the blood pounding in my cunt lips as i said, “because i’m yours to do whatever you want with. you own me. so you can do that to me. you can use me. Master.”

i looked up and saw him smiling down at me. that crazy mix of absolute undying love, and triumphant ownership. “crawl into bed, little girl. CRAWL. i’m going to watch that ass. and then i’m going to come and spank it and fuck it and enjoy it all.”

and of course he did, and i still want to watch that film, and i’m relieved that he used me like a slut instead, because if i lost all of that, i would die inside.