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“i know what you’re doing, little girl.” Master murmurs to me. i blush more. he leads me to a group of four men standing together by the wall, and just before we get there, he stops, turns me around to face him.

“remember. make me proud. behave. obey. whatever they tell you, do it. don’t argue, don’t question. if you need me, just tell them. but if i do have to come for you, it better be worth it. just obey them, and make me proud.”

“yes Master” i manage to get out before he tugs on my leash towards the men. i stumble.

“down, girl. back down. all fours. present.”

i start to wipe my mind blank. don’t question, just obey. don’t argue, just submit. just give in. let it happen. i get down, and present, my legs spread and my holes spread open and displayed to the men.

i hear them talking quietly with my Master. i feel him pass the leash to one of them.

“be good, little girl.” he says, and i sense him walk away.

i freeze. i feel myself shrink into myself, willing everything away. but i can’t block it out.

“okay, let’s get started.” i hear one say. “up, get up, girl.” he says loudly.

i stand up, staring at the ground, feeling my heart race.

“i saw you watching her give head before. i think that turned you on, didn’t it?”

my mouth is dry, but i stammer out “yes. yes. it did.”

“…. yes what?” his voice is now low, angry.

“yes sir. yes sir. yes sir. yes it did sir. yes sir.”

“that’s better. so, how wet are you?”

“um. pretty wet, sir?”

“don’t ask me. find out. stick a finger in your cunt, then lick it. tell me. are you wet?”

obey, don’t argue. make him proud.

i push a finger in, staring at the floor, and i can see when it comes out it is glistening wet. i lick it once. “yes. very wet sir.”

“then come over here, we’re going to get started right now.”

they make a space between them, where i stand, uncertainly, trying to look anywhere but at them, and yet i can’t help seeing them close around me like a wall.

“hands up on the wall. spread your legs.” this is a different one speaking, i think.

“yes sir” i say automatically as i move. once in the position, they hold my wrists on the wall, and i feel one get behind me in between my legs. his cock nudges up against my cunt, and i jerk away automatically.

“oh no. did you just do that? did you just disobey?”

“no sir no no i’m sorry sir i’m sorry no no no” i am stuck, i want to obey, i want to run away, i want to make him proud. i push back against this stranger’s cock, closing my eyes tight, proving myself to him.

“that’s a good girl. very good. don’t try to fight us. we own you tonight.”

and his cock finds its way inside me, his breath is on my neck, he’s gripping my hips, someone is grabbing one of my breasts and tugging it, he starts fucking me, my head is turned to face one of them and he’s kissing me, pushing his tongue into me, and i give up, and i give in, and i collapse, and their hands keep holding me up at my wrists, and he grabs me around my waist and rams right up into me hard, and i moan into the other’s mouth, and another one wrenches my breast, and someone’s finger presses on my ass, and there are hands everywhere, and he’s fucking me, riding me hard, and the one kissing me pulls my hair, and i’m pinioned, stuck, controlled, and he’s fucking me, and then