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we reach the front door, but before he knocks, my husband brings out the slave leash, and clips it to my collar.

“down”, with a short tug on it.

i drop to my knees, carefully, tugging at my skirt and top to keep myself decent.

“down. DOWN.” he sounds irritated, and i realise he wants me on all fours. i get down, staring at the ground, feeling my cheeks flush and the cool night air blow up my skirt.

he knocks on the door. it opens. i start to look up, but he’s watching me – “i said DOWN.” i get the picture, and keep my eyes fixed on the ground. so i see the man who opens the door has shiny black boots on.

he greets my husband, shakes his hand, welcomes him inside. no mention of me. i stumble along behind my husband, my knees aching on the cold slate tiles of the house, and i hear the door shut behind us.

we reach a large open space, and stop. people – men – come up to greet Master. from what i can see, there aren’t many shoes or pants being worn here. if i listen carefully, i can hear grunting and thudding and other definite sex sounds coming from nearby rooms. i keep staring at the ground, telling myself to stay cool.

“here, hold her for a sec would you?”

he passes the leash to someone else, and goes somewhere. i wonder if i should panic, but i picture how embarrassing it’ll be to flake out in front of all these strangers before anything’s even happened.

he returns, and i can tell he’s naked.

“okay girl, get up and strip.”

you can do this, you can do this, i keep repeating to myself, but i look up as i stand up and i can see about 15 men lounging around the room. they’re mostly naked, and a there are also three women on their knees giving head to them. i have enough time to notice cuffs and collars on them, and one of them being passed along from one man to the next, she’s wiping her mouth and then being pushed down onto the next cock, and my Master slaps my ass.

“move it!”

his voice brings me down to earth, and i undress, quickly, peeling off the wet gstring and finally getting out of those heels. i hear some men whistle, and whisper among themselves. i’m blushing, and i can’t look away from one of the men who’s just cum into the mouth of one of the women, and she’s jerking slightly as he keeps her head on his cock, she must not be used to swallowing, and i can’t look away as he strokes her head and shushes her.