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he hooks a finger into the ring on my collar, pulls me down the bed, pushes his cock into my mouth. i start licking and sucking, doing all the right things, i know my place is down there, but apparently this morning not quite true, i didn’t know everything.

he flipped me over onto my back, and began fucking my face like he was doing push-ups, ramming deep and making me cough and splutter around him, so he just went faster, and i started having trouble breathing, and he realised this, so he held his cock in my throat for just 2 more seconds, and then he pulled out and i could breathe again.

and then he did this again. and again. and then he sat up and straddled my face and fucked my mouth like crazy. and over and over again this lasted.

when he finished, i was gasping, my face was smeared with saliva and pre-cum, and i was a fucking mess.

“good morning, cunt. that mouth is MADE for fucking. don’t forget it.”

how the fuck could i, after a wake-up like that!