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we show up at the party after an evening of me nervously dithering around at home, until he finally just threw some clothing at me and ordered me to get dressed. black lace gstring, short black skirt, tight clingy top, no bra, very high heels. he puts my collar on once i’m dressed, and turns me around to face him.

“you look perfect. just perfect.” he grins at me as he strokes me through the lace of the gstring, and then slips a finger inside me, making me squirm. “you’ll do me proud tonight, right?”

“yes master, i will.”

“you’ll just need to relax and enjoy yourself. nothing bad will happen, as long as you behave yourself and just … give in.”

i swallow nervously. “i know. i will.”

he slips another finger in and presses up until i teeter and have to cling onto him. i nuzzle into his neck and breathe his scent in as he pushes his fingers around and stretches me here and there.

“got to get you ready, little girl. and you’re getting wet already.”

he pulls his fingers out, kisses me deeply and hungrily, and then walks me out to the car.

on the drive there, he chats to me about random topics, keeping my mind off it i guess, but really i can think of little else. he’s explained to me that there will be many other couples there, and he’s chosen some men for me to serve. he’s met them, he trusts them, he’s told them my limits, and explained that i obey him first and foremost. and while i’m with them, he’ll be off with other women.

finally i blurt out “are you going to fuck them??”

he glances at me. “why? why do you ask?”

“… um. because … … … ” i gulp and just mutter it out “what if you like them more than me.”

“really??? how could i? what could they possibly do that will be better than how you serve me?”

i feel slightly relieved. “but what if you want them as well as me?”

“then i’ll bring you over and fuck you both.”

“but after the party?”

he gets very serious. “sweetheart. this is a party. this isn’t the rest of our lives. what if you like one of their dicks more than you like mine? you aren’t going to leave me for them, and i’m certainly not bringing anyone home with us, now or ever. i’ll use other women tonight, because i can. i’m going to have other men use you tonight, because i can. then we come home together, and you still belong to me, and i own you. for good. now, are you going to be able to do this?”

i’m feeling better, and he’s parking the car, and it’s too late now. the night is dark, he’s staring at me, with that look of love and concern in his eyes. “yes. yes, i can do it.”

he gets out of the car, comes around and opens my door, takes my hand, and leads me to the front door of the house.