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so we have anal sex fairly regularly. i mean, regularly in my crazy little world of sexual servitude and obedience. so, a couple of times a week, typically. my ass is pretty tight still, and each time i feel so filled up i can lose control of myself and lie there in a pathetic puddle of whimpering and floppy limbs while he bends me into a position and fucks me til i can scarcely breathe …

sorry, just got distracted. the point is, i’m not too scared of it these days. i’m pretty blase from where i was a year ago.

and then he brings out the inflatable butt plug. haha. hah. if i had realised …

but i was trussed up like a turkey on the bed, gagged and blindfolded, sucking on that penis gag, arms in those bondage opera gloves, generally unable to move an inch, and certainly not able to see it coming.

i could just feel it. it has a strange feel. it’s deflated, folded and rolled into a slender rod, with oodles of lube, and i feel it nudging my asshole, and i’m wondering what the hell he is about to do to me now, and then i realise what it is, and i start seriously flailing and jerking the fuck away from it, because i’m no fool, but then i am a fool, because what i want doesn’t really matter, certainly not at that moment, and he knows it and i know it, and he’s laughing at me, in a sort of loving way i guess.

he kneels on me, holding me down so firmly i squeak, and he pushes that fucking plug in, and it’s uncomfortable now because of all the folds, and then he starts pumping it up. i’m breathing through it, i’m gasping around that penis gag, i’m flipping out because i know it’s only going to get worse, and it does and it does and it does and i’m fucking screaming and i swear it’s going to break my insides and i’m bucking and flailing and it’s getting bigger and seriously i don’t know if you understand what this feels like but it’s nothing like having my wonderful dominant husband taking ownership of me with his manly cock, this was fucking horrible.

he finally stopped pumping it up. i’m screaming still. fucking screaming. pretty muffled around the gag and inside the hood. but he knows i’m screaming. i’m having a bit of perverse fun feeling every sensation and letting myself get fucking hysterical. oh my god, what is he doing to me! etc etc

he leaves it in for what he tells me was only 10 minutes, but i honestly am pretty certain it was more like 30 minutes. he watches simpsons in bed while i slowly go from screaming to just gasping. i can’t clench my ass, i can’t relax it, i just feel stretched open and totally out of control. 10 minutes? yeah sure.

finally he takes it out. slowly deflating it and my muscles are going crazy. pulls it out and the pain hits me.

“i’m going to fuck your ass now. with my cock. yes i know you don’t want me to, i know it’s going to hurt. but this is my ass, i own it, and i’m going to keep using it.”

and so he did. he was a bit restrained, i think, a bit gentle. when he finished, i was lying there like a puddle of goo. not moving, not even pushing away or onto him. he pulled out, released all my bondage, and stroked me as he let me fall asleep.

the next day i felt puffy and swollen all around my asshole. he looked at it and told me he was pleased. spread it wide and pushed his cock into it once, twice. i lay there bent over the bed and felt relief that it wasn’t the inflatable plug. “thank you, master.” because what is there to say, really.

i’m his wife. this body is his to use. these holes are his to abuse.