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we were down an alleyway in a very nightclubby part of town, and we were just out of the light from the street, and he hitched up my skirt, turned me to face the wall, and told me to fuck myself with two fingers in my cunt and one in my ass.

now the tricky thing about this is i have to stick my ass pretty far out to get the right angle. it gets complicated. i get squirmy. i feel like a porn star bumping and grinding.

and i hear a guy’s voice at the end of the alleyway, on the street. “holy fuck, look at that!” the noise of high heels clattering to a stop. “oh my god, she must be a prostitute. look at what she’s doing!”

i froze. “did i say to stop?” i hear him growl.

i get back into it, but i’m struggling to reconcile being obedient for him, but being seen as just a whore by strangers.

“god she’s really going for it! what a slut. i wonder what he’s paying her.”

i did the convulsive swallow here, the gulp of fear and anger, but i kept pushing my fingers into my holes.

“let’s go, this is really gross.” and with a burst of giggles they left.

he came close to me then, “you can stop now subbie girl”. i heard him unzip his pants, he thrust inside of me, fucked me gently, hands roaming over my breasts, playing with my nipples til i gasped, tickling my clit, touching me over and over while he fucked me.

“you were amazing. i am so proud of you, being so good and listening to me, doing what i said and ignoring them. it doesn’t matter what they think of you. they can believe you’re a prostitute, it doesn’t matter. what matters is how tight your cunt is gripping me right now, how hot you looked, and how much you obey me. i love owning you.”

i knelt to clean him off then and there without asking. he stroked my hair. i heard heels clatter by and giggles again. i didn’t care.