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come on, i need access to your holes.

good girl. now down on the table. get down. now. do it. faster.

then he’s fucking my cunt, it was so fast i scarcely had time to get wet, i’m pretty dry, he’s thudding into me, scraping me raw, hands on my hips, my hands on my head, face pressed against the kitchen table, i’m feeling pretty set upon, put out, generally harassed.

master – i manage to blurt out.

if i want you to talk, i’ll tell you to talk.

he starts really ramming it home. really going for it. i’m still wearing my work clothing, i’m not even in the headspace yet, and i’m being fucked on the kitchen table simply because he had a need, he had a hard on.

so, yes, i started getting wet.

and of course then he pulled out. grabs me by my ponytail, slides me off the table, drops me on the floor, pulls me to my knees, thrusts his cock, wet with my juices and his, straight down my throat, my cunt is dripping and i want his cock back in it, but he’s distracted by my mouth.

then he pulls out.

all fours. now.

i scramble to obey, i’m trying to stay in tune and in time with him but it’s a struggle.

now he’s stretching my asshole with his fingers, and sliding his cock in.

now i’m starting to just lose it, starting to be over this, needing it to end, needing some breathing space. he fucks me. my ass. over and over. slow. fast. hard. deep. any cliche you want, he was doing it. i was whimpering, i was groaning, i was sobbing. he was using me. i was a slut. i was his wife. he was using me. he was using my holes. i was just holes.

he pulls out. turns me over so fast i’m glad we had carpet for my head to bounce off. he shoots cum all over my face.

i’m gasping with surprise, a last shot goes in my mouth.

swallow, cunt.

i swallow reflexively.

i lie there, blank minded, sore everywhere, wet but sore and hating myself and blank.

don’t move.

so i don’t. i stay there. i’m blank with degradation and a small amount of fury.

he comes back in a minute, and gently undresses me. wipes my face clean. brings me a glass of water. brings me my favourite cuddle blanket. the balm i like for when my cunt is scraped raw. cleans me up. soothes me down.

babygirl, i love that you let me do this to you. because you know, this goes both ways. you could have stopped me at any point. but you didn’t. i want you to remember, you can stop this if you need to. i love that you are my little girl, my slave, my slut, my whore.

this went on for a while. i lay there nestled in his arm, on the carpet in the corridor, listening to him talk me through it. these are the moments that matter, that keep us going, you know? to be able to do that to me, and bring me through it.