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right now, we have a belt like this:


and it is a piece of crap, obviously. it cost about $20, and it’s nothing special. master fastens it extra tight until it’s cutting in everywhere, which i should complain about but really is there a better sensation than feeling my cunt being locked away so it’s only to be used when my master wants to fuck his whore, and feeling pain all over me to remind me of that?

okay maybe a better sensation is being fucked in the ass while he muffles my scream with a pillow.


the point is, it’s not a good chastity belt. i’ve fallen in love with products i’ve seen online, like:


i’ve spent quality time at the chastity forums, reading up about expensive products from manufacturers like tollyboy.

but really, everything costs so much, and i’m worried about buying something that ultimately i’ll break to smithereens while i’m trying to make it fit me and not slice my little cunt lips off!

does anyone have any advice on what to buy and where?