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the initial bedtime cuddle that rapidly escalated into the sort of fucking where his hand is gripping the back of my neck, his cock is pounding deep enough to hurt, and his voice is whispering in my ear how much he likes to take me like this, like the whore i am.

he gets up, i fall asleep, well to be precise, he gets out of bed, pulls the blankets off me, instructs me to spread my legs (i’m on my stomach), and then finger-fucks me, one finger, two fingers, three, ripping open my newly sore cunt and then suddenly pulling out, forcing them into my mouth, ‘suck them clean, whore, and keep those legs spread til you sleep’.

then i fall asleep, the cold night air making my wet cunt lips tingle.

then i wake up to him spooning me, and i snuggle into him, and so he’s spreading my cunt lips with one hand, covering my mouth with the other, and i’m panicking and he’s pushing that cock into me, it’s bigger and harder than ever, or perhaps my swollen tender cunt just can’t take it, so i’m bucking and moaning into his hand, i’m half-heartedly trying to escape his arms twined around me, i know it’s not worth it, but he’s ripping me open with his cock, fucking me so hard and fast, and i’m still not awake, and before he cums he pulls out, pushes me onto my back, and straddles me, forcing his cock down my throat and cumming into me as i gag around it all. ‘swallow. swallow. you’re not sleeping until you swallow. do it.’

so i do, and i feel pretty horrible to be honest, and then he pulls me to him, and holds me, and strokes me, and tells me how proud he is, and how well trained i am, and how my obedience makes him so happy, and how he doesn’t want me to change … and i melt.

and i fall asleep, happily knowing i have a role, and i’m not interested in finding out if i can escape it.