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I hear the front door slam behind him, and I hear “Slave, get here. Bring lube. The plug.”

Usually we don’t really start playing for another hour, but I’m no idiot, so I rush over there.

“Give me the lube, plug. On the ground. All fours. Pants down. Don’t make me wait.”

I obey with alacrity. I am moving too fast to stop and wonder.

I hear him getting ready, then he’s kneeling behind me, we’re on cold tiles in the entry, my knees are spread, my cunt is wet, my breathing is turning into panting, my mind is racing, and then his cock is pushing into my ass, I buck away instinctively, he grabs my hips and drags me back into position, continues pushing into me, and I’m starting to do that quiet wail of breathing, and he gets about half-way into me, and I’m keening, and the fucking starts, slowly, pulling that rock hard cock out of my ass, pushing it right back in, out, in, speeding up, he’s getting into it, I’m being split open even with the lube, he gets more and more in, he’s leaving it in me and just rocking hard into me, I’m tearing and ripping open, my fingernails scrabble for purchase on the cold tile, he pushes my head down so my hands are clasped on the back of my head and my forehead is on the ground, then he’s really fucking me, forcing more of that massive cock into my ass, speeding it up, deep, fast, gripping me with fingers digging into my flesh, pounding into my ass, he stiffens, cums. Plugs me.

“I had a shitty day. You’re going to have a fucking intense night, slut.”

I’m gasping for breath. I’m no fool, though. “Thank you, Master. Thank you for your cum. Thank you for using me. I’ll be good, I promise.”

I feel his shoe, his foot, on the back of my neck, enough pressure that I know. I understand.

“I’ll call you when I’m ready. Stay here til I call. Don’t move.”

The rest of the night was way easier, actually. He got so much of that stress out of his system already. I got to have a shower and tidy up. Got to wear comfy clothes. We ate dinner sitting at the table, watched some tv. He fucked my cunt that night, while fucking my ass with a small dildo, so you know, that fucking hurt. But what could be better than hearing him say at the end, “my little whore, you are so well trained and obedient. I love that. I love you.”