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So there’s a lot to tell about this. We have a dog training cage now. Big enough for me to be on all fours in. Big enough to lie in foetal position within. A soft blanket provided for me to lie on.

What he likes to do is position me in there. It’s not enough to just be trapped in a locked cage, to be brought out for sex when needed. No, it’s better to be trapped in a locked cage in a position I can’t squirm out of which has my cunt or ass or mouth positioned perfectly for fucking. He uses a collection of broom handles, D rings, cuffs, connectors and collars to achieve this. Once he has me positioned, I have a strange mix of feelings. “Oh god, I’m such a horrible person to want him to do this to me. I don’t want this. I need to get out. He won’t let me out. I have to take it. I hate this. I hope I do well at this because this is all I am. Please fuck me and fuck me and fuck me and use me and don’t leave me here alone. Use me please.”

I ended up begging him the first time. “Use me please Master, please, fuck me, please use me don’t leave me”. So each subsequent time he makes me beg to be fucked. Fair enough. Gets me into position, pulls out the gag long enough to make me beg, straps it in tighter, and then ploughs into me. The fucking is rough, needless to say. He holds onto leashes connected to my collar and gag and thigh cuffs, and rides me like a goddamned pony. Presses my flesh into the grid of the cage.

After he’s done sometimes he’ll cuff me into foetal position and cover me with a blanket. Sometimes he covers the cage with a blanket so I’m totally isolated. Sometimes I’m left in position for a while. (I hate that – I can’t beg to be fucked when he’s not in earshot, and when the gag’s in my mouth – so I’m left to feel empty in my cunt and desperate for cock.)

We’ve tried me sleeping in there but it … doesn’t work. I can’t handle it. I flip the fuck out, to be precise. He tells me he’ll train me to accept it. I can wait, believe me. I want to know he’s within reach while I sleep.

Anyway, the cage. Putting me in a box to use as a hole in the right position. That’s what I am. A collection of holes for his use.