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Get in here, he calls. He’s in the bedroom. I am wearing jeans and a sweater. Pants off, he tells me. Bend over the end of the bed. Spread. I know to lace my fingers and clasp the back of my head. I take a breath. He spreads my thighs, ass cheeks, cunt lips. Open up for me, cunt. I feel my wetness, I feel his fingers touching it. I don’t really care right now if you’re getting off, though you can’t deny it, you slut. You’re loving this. You love being owned. You know you can’t stop me, and you shouldn’t be able to.

He fucked me. Fast, hard, deep, all the cliches. Ramming into me. Hands on my hips, gripping me, smashing into my body, pounding into my cunt.

Pulled out. Don’t move, cunt.

Pushed in the largest plug/dildo toy. Strapped it in with the chastity belt.


Came back a couple of times over the next half hour. Pulled out the plug. Fucked me. Reinserted the plug. Buckled me up. Left me there.

Stay, whore.

Owned me. Used me.