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Flat on my back? I hear you ask. Well, sometimes. Anyway life got in the way from blog updates, but I know I owe you all, and I don’t feel comfortable in my sluttiness unless I’m sharing it with strangers who want me to go deeper, too. Opening myself up for you is another form of humiliation, like opening my cunt lips for my husband. Which I’ve been doing plenty of, so let me tell you some what’s been happening.

Thing number one is that he decided he wanted to make me feel intensely vulnerable more often. Specifically that I should feel very open, available, and how I think of it is – whoreish. Periodically – once every couple of days? – he directs me to get on the floor, present (forehead on the ground, hands on the back of my head, ass in the air, knees spread), with any clothing on my ass and cunt removed. The idea is for me to feel the cold air (it’s been winter where I am) on my shaved/trimmed cunt, to feel my cunt lips spread open, and to remain there for as long as he wants. This has ranged from 2 minutes to about 20 minutes. It doesn’t usually end with being fucked. Sometimes he probes me like I’m a piece of meat he’s inspecting, prying me open with the speculum or his fingers, guiding a plug in, briefly ramming my holes full of a toy. But that only lasts a few seconds. Mostly it’s just me, breathing, on the floor, feeling exposed, knowing he may come to inspect at any time.

Thing number two was finally having some public sex!!! Very exciting! We left a suburban movie theatre at 11:45pm, it was a medium size car park, maybe space for 60 cars? About 10 cars were there. We got to ours, which was close to a wall, and he told me to stop. Brace myself on the side of the car. Expose my cunt. I did wonder if he was going to inspect me again, but his hard cock spearing me, ripping me open and fucking me fast and hard, his grunts, my gasps, him hissing at me to shut up, well, it was pretty fucking hot. Nobody was around that I could tell, but I felt so scared, naked, and again, whoreish. He had me get on the ground and clean his cock with my mouth afterwards, told me to get two fingers in my own ass while I did so. Skirt flipped up, cunt wet and throbbing, g-string around my ankles, stretching my own ass, my face pressed into his pubic hair, his hands gripping the back of my head. Very whoreish. Very much a slut. His hands all over me in the car as we drove home, exposing my breasts, finger-fucking my cunt, wrenching my mouth wide open. A sopping puddle of cunt juice and obedience by the time I tottered into our home.

Thing number three is the cage. But I’ll tell you about that later.