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So I’ve been quite sick, and my cunt has been off limits, and except for an ass fucking heavy scene, we haven’t done any play. This morning I am home sick from work, and we are cuddling in bed, and he assures me nothing will get heavy at all, and he is stroking my nipples with feather light touches, making me quiver, and then he runs the tip of his finger up and down my cunt lips, light as can be, and then he plays with my ass, tickling it, and then he pushes his finger in, ever so slightly, and I’m loving every second of it.

He pushes his cock between my legs, and rubs it over and over again against my cunt lips, and he and I can both feel the extreme wetness of my cunt juices flowing over him, and he’s rubbing my clit over and over again, and my cunt is still off limits with being sick, and he said it wouldn’t get heavy, but I’m wet and panting and I can feel how big and hard his cock is, and thank god he is responsible for making decisions, because I would have regretfully stopped due to an ouchy cunt, and he just pushed his cock deep inside of me, slowly and carefully, as I gasped.

“I know this hurts, but you needed to be reminded of your place. You needed to feel your cunt being stuffed with my cock. You needed to be stretched wide open.”

He adjusted slightly, moving a millimeter one way and another, just enough to force every part of my cunt to stretch, tear and feel pain in accommodating him.

“I know, it hurts. But you need this.”

And I did. I really really did. All I could think about was how big he was, and how this massive cock was controlling my entire body simply by forcing its way inside me. I was so conscious of it, of him, of being a cunt.

And that’s what I was to remember through this – that I am a cunt.