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Specifically, I’ve been sick for the past week, and a couple of nights ago we go to bed, and I’ve told him I feel up for some play, but I can’t be more specific. So he starts out with cuddling and touching. He flicks my nipples gently, teasing them and squeezing just enough to make my cunt tingle. Then he starts to wrap his arms around me more forcefully, holding me just right as his cock presses against my ass and cunt. My breathing by now is labored, my mind is racing, and he puts the gimp hood on me, and I start to pant and whimper. He buckles on the posture collar, and I reach out for him as he lays me down on the bed. He straps restraints onto each limb, pinioning me in a four point restraint on our bed. My cunt lips spread open, and I can feel the cold night air on the wetness dripping out of me. By now I’m just about hyperventilating, and just before he fastens my arms to the bed, I reach out for a hug, which he gives me, and my breathing finally calms down.

In goes the jeweled butt plug, making me scream around the penis gag. He was a bit rough, I guess. He fucks me with it briefly, and then releases me putting me across his lap in bed and beginning a spanking. It goes on, and on, and on. He takes off the posture collar part way through, and ramps up with harder spanks that really bite. I am squirming and moaning, but it doesn’t help. I start licking the penis gag, sucking on it compulsively and wrapping my tongue around it as if it were my Master’s cock. This calms me down, and I lean into the rhythm of the spanks, calming myself with the cock in my mouth.

He brings me into bed with him, lying down under the covers, and kissing and nuzzling me, and he rips out the butt plug and he starts pushing his cock into my ass, and I’m jerking and crying and pulling away from him, and he’s holding me tight and in position with his arms wrapped around me, pushing the penis gag deeper into my mouth, grabbing my throat tight, pushing his rock hard cock further into me, and I feel the head pop all the way in, and I’m bucking and fighting him, and he keeps pushing it in, and I hate him, and he whispers to me “just give in to it, baby. Give yourself to me.”

Damn him and his wicked words. He spoke to the slave heart of me and I just sagged in his arms, every muscle relaxed, and he thrust right into me, and I whimpered quietly, and he began really fucking me, and I kept licking that penis gag, and he fucked me, my ass, rough, gentle, deep, fast, a million ways as I lay there, a willing and obedient wife, letting her husband fuck her ass while she lay there in a gimp hood, gagged and blindfolded, accepting the stretching, tearing pain in her ass, because that’s what a submissive wife does, that’s what I do, I accept it, and I stopped fighting, and was fucked in the ass like the little slut I am. My husband’s slut.