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Step 1. Find her in a random room of the house doing some random chore, and make her strip naked. PS bonus points if it’s winter. Absentmindedly stroke her naked body as she reveals it, thrust a finger into her cunt for a brief moment and then walk away, with a casual “don’t move or I cane your cunt, girl”.

Step 2. Come back to find her a shivering mess with downcast eyes. Command her to “present to me, and spread your cheeks apart.” Nudge her knees further apart with the toe of your shoe. Drip copious lube all over her holes. Walk away, now with a “stay, girl”.

Step 3. Come back to find her fingers trembling and her teeth chattering. Plug her cunt with the large dildo. Plug her ass with the small butt plug. Strap on her chastity belt. Cuff her ankles together. Cuff her wrists together behind her back. Chain them together and clip that chain to the chastity belt. Put the gimp hood on with the penis gag. Carry her into your bedroom, put her under the covers, and spoon her, playing with her nipples and biting her gently, while you whisper evil things into her ear.

I was paying bills in the study, when this started. I was sopping wet and eager to wrap my lips around his cock once he took that gimp hood off.