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I had gone to sleep at 11pm, he arrived in bed at 12am, and I woke slowly to him stroking and tickling my body. Light feathery touches on my pubic mound, gentle twists of my nipples, light kisses on my neck. Once he deemed me sufficiently awake, it all stopped, and I was still slowly gasping my way towards consciousness as he flipped me onto my stomach, held my wrists behind my back with one hand, firmly pushed my face into the pillow with the other, and forced his cock into my cunt in one fast thrust.

You can feel sorry for me if you like, but my cunt was embarrassingly wet, and I admit that I was wriggling my ass up to try and get more of him inside me. He fucked me in a calm and thorough way – you know, when you realise that he isn’t really paying attention to what you want, he’s just doing this in his rhythm, and you may as well give up and enjoy what he’s giving you? So I did. Resigned myself to calm thorough methodical fucking, concentrated on breathing, and enjoyed the sensation of him ramming into my very slick pussy.

Then enjoyed the very rapidly changing sensation as I felt my ass stretched open at the same time, the little hole aching as he pushed something quite large into it. I think it was a medium vibrator? And he started fucking me with that too, and now I was just trying to hang on as the two hard forces pushed and pressed inside me, filling me and stretching me, and pinning and tearing and ripping. And now I was wriggling more in a panicked, frantic way, and he realised that, and pushed my face further into the pillow, and started synchronising in some new way that meant I was empty, then I was screaming, then I was empty, then crying, then empty, then he fucked me so hard with his cock, pounding into me while the vibrator went a bit unattended, just pressed deep into my ass, and he pounded into me so fucking hard I was crying into that pillow, and then he came.

He slowly eased himself out of me, and the dildo next, and cleaned me up, and kissed me, and praised me, and stroked my cunt over and over again until I felt pure pleasure, and begged him for more, which he wouldn’t do because apparently I need my sleep.

Oh, the irony.