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This was a while ago. Busy night in winter, lots of things for me to do around the house, no time to get into the usual outfit, just my collar of course. Busy busy, he’s on his computer, I’m in the front room, busy.
Then he calls me to him, just casually, and I snap irritably at him, give me a few minutes. Silence. Then he calls again – now as “present, slut. Get in here and present.”
I am infuriated. I debate not attending but don’t want the fight that would ensue, questioning whether I’m in this just for the kinky sex, the punishment which that week was likely to be a cunt cropping. Not a nice one. So I debate but I walk down there, and I got there with a stubborn, mulish, sulky look on my face. I slowly, slowly get into position, making a big deal about my sore shoulders (persistent RSI).
Then he tells me – he had planned to just fuck my face for a minute, but now I have to be reminded who owns me, and what that means.
This just pisses me off more. I do not have time for a scene, though one minute I couldn’t have complained about. Now he’s taking advantage to make a big deal and get even more out of me. Which is his to take. This thought leaps into my mind, and I feel my cunt getting wet. I now get even more angry because he will think this is fine by me, and it really isn’t.
He clearly picks up on my anger, because now he snaps at me – what are you?
I wait a beat before replying, aware I’m just getting myself in deeper. “your cunt to use, Master”.
Strip, fast, show me that cunt.
It’s winter and I’m cold enough but I am now starting to worry slightly that my evening is rapidly getting away from me. I stand up and strip all my winter clothing off, and get back down quickly to present, hoping to appease him.
He gets off his chair and kneels behind me. I lift up slightly to show him my cunt, feeling it get wetter as I put myself in such a slutty and vulnerable position. I curse myself. But he seems to ignore it.
I hear the click of a lube bottle lid, and he spreads my ass cheeks then lets them relax. I can’t relax. I tense in anticipation, and then I feel the cold tip of a butt plug, the large steel one, and I jerk away automatically. “don’t even think of it, Princess”. A loving tone, clearly he’s calmed down, but my breathing is ragged , my cunt is wet, and I start to panic.
He realises, and moves position, now weighing me down with a knee on my neck. Now he spreads my ass cheeks with one hand, quietly speaking to me, “you’re going to take it, you’re going to remember your place, you’re going to take it all, it’s going to hurt, you’ll be fine, you’re my little cunt and I own you, I love you “. He pushes it in, not roughly but quite fast, I can’t adjust and I gasp and then squeal, as he keeps saying to me – it hurts, I don’t care, I own you, I get to do this, you are going to take it, take it, slut, take it, you little cunt.
In it goes, and it’s a searing pain and then I adjust and now I’m sagging into my position, I am not thinking about my chores or how busy I was, I just wait for his command.
He fucks me with the plug, just a few times, keeping his knee on my neck, letting my asshole almost relax and then pushing the plug hard and fast back in. I whimper, I cry, I really cry, and he rams it incredibly hard that last time.
I’m blatantly and openly sobbing. I want him to take it out and rock me to sleep in bed. He stands up and I hear the zip of his pants, he kneels back down behind me. “you need to have your holes used. You need to remember your place. When I call, you come running. Next time I will make it hurt much more. Believe me. And to think I was going to just get one minute of head.” he rams his cock into my aching cunt, over and over and over again, I’m sobbing and unable to think, I’m getting wetter and can’t concentrate, his cock scraping my cunt raw and pinning it against the pressure of the plug. He grips my hips and fucks me hard, fast, thudding into me and flinging my body off and on, pushing on the plug and pinching my clit and now and then saying things like “I. Own. You. I will use you how and when I want.”
He comes inside me, waits a brief moment, then pulls out. Goes and cleans himself up. I don’t move of course, I wait for instructions. He comes back, says “stay.” He sits down at his desk, continues whatever he was doing. I am still in position, getting cold, extremely sore, unable to think about much, just feeling the plug in my ass.

He kept me like that for about half an hour. Every five minutes or so he’d stroke me, tickle my cunt, push gently on the plug, just enough to keep me tingling and on the edge. Then he removed the plug, very gently, took me in his arms, and we talked, and showered, and snuggled, and I felt very clear about my place, and eventually I got all my chores done. So all in all a successful night, I’d say.