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You like to use me.
To put me down there. To keep me down there.
You know you hurt me tonight? My cunt hurts. Bad.
I know, I knew it would hurt, that’s partially why I did it.
But I mean, really hurt. Every stroke burned, I feel bruised.
Good, I wanted that. I wanted to fuck you, so I did. I wanted it to hurt you, and I didn’t care if it would. Your cunt is there for me to use.
I’m not complaining. I loved it. I hated it. It really hurt.
I’m going to fuck you, and it’s going to hurt. This is mine.
If you had stopped I would have been sad.
I wasn’t going to stop.
What if I safe-worded?
Then we would negotiate. If I’m going to stop fucking you just because you hurt, it has to really hurt. And then I need to get something else instead. You’d be sucking me off right then, and probably getting hurt some other way.
I never safe word, I want to be good, I only do it if you’re hurting my RSI.
Exactly. That’s why I have to pay such close attention to your body. You refuse to stop.
I like to give up and take the pain.
I like to give it to you.
I don’t like it though.
That is perfect. You are perfect. Hurting you makes me so happy.
I want to make you happy. And I want it to feel good.
That’s why I hurt you. I feel how swollen this is. But you’re still sopping wet. I can push three fingers in and I feel your cunt walls gripping me, and your juices let me slip in like that, and you say you hurt but you still keep your legs open. Does this hurt?
… Yes.
Do you want me to stop?
……… I…………

You just want to do whatever I tell you to.
Does it hurt more now? And now?
Good. Now I’m going to make it really hurt.

And he fucked me, and I cried, and it hurt so bad, and he came in me, and I was so far down there, I was upset he stopped fucking me. The night didn’t end there.