This morning I must have been doing something right, because there I was tidying the living room, and he walks in and tells me to present – get on the ground, all fours, knees spread, face on the floor, ankles crossed, etc. Which I do, and then he leaves me there for about 5 minutes. Comes back, and then tells me to get up and keep doing whatever I was doing. Of course I’m in a bit of a submissive headspace right there, and when I go to him for a hug, he takes advantage of my snuggliness to drop me to my knees and have me give him oral. He was hard enough, and I loved tasting that in my mouth. He didn’t even come, just thrust hard a few times, and then decided to stop. And again told me to keep on tidying, tweaked my nipple, and left me to it.

I love these moments for the excitement, the rampant horniness, and the submissive headspace. It’s like a 10 minute dose of extremely effective medicine.