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Just a few little stories from the past few months.

… the morning when I woke up as he was connecting my shackles to the bedposts, and then he slipped on the hood and penis gag before I could sputter out a question. And then he informed me he was going to train my ass that morning. Starting with the smallest butt plug. 15 minutes for each size. We had about 6 at this point. All that happened, for those 90 minutes, was the insertion and removal of ass plugs. After each removal, he stretched my cheeks apart, and would do things like spit into my ass, push one and then two and three fingers in to see how stretched I was, and then he’d say things like “… you’re loving having anything in here, aren’t you … you love feeling your asshole gape for me …” After the 90 minutes, he released me, took off all toys, and after 5 min of deep throating him, he cheerfully swatted me on the ass and let me get on with my day.

… the night when he was in a foul mood after work, and he took it out on me. Every restraint possible, every sensory deprivation tool available, til I was totally pinioned and immobilised, spread wide and distended, and then lecturing me on my place, my role, and how much of a greedy slut I was, how much I craved being used and abused. Slapping me, pinching me, choking me. Then, fucking me so roughly, slamming into me like salvation lay deep within my body, and pulling out in time to coat my mound, cunt, and asshole with his cum. Throwing me in the shower, spraying me down like a dog, and then snuggling me on the couch while stroking my body softly, calmly, and making me wet all over again.

… the night where he woke me up and told me to go get a medium/large butt plug from the ensuite, put it in and come back to bed. When I returned, he had me lie on the bed on my back with my head hanging over the edge, and he fucked my face til I think he got down my throat, I was choking for sure. After he came, he got me up on my knees on the bed, gripped my neck til I couldn’t breathe, smacked me in the face a few times, and – I can never forget this – and he said in the quietest, calmest voice, “say thank you, cunt”. Gave me enough air so I could gasp out “Thank you, Master”. Then he let me go, and as I curled up in a shivering mess in bed, he held me until I fell asleep again.