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Finished watching Netflix, went the spooning cuddle, I am pretty sick with the flu right now, I was exhausted and had to get up for work the next day. So we were lying there cuddling, and then he grabs my thighs, spreads my legs, and his massively, surprisingly hard cock is plunging deep into my cunt, and he has me by the throat and he’s twisting my nipples, and he’s fucking me like we had had hours of foreplay, and pounding into me with absolutely no warning. He rolls me onto my stomach, forces my face into the pillow, and rams into me so fast and deep I’m screaming into the pillow. He pulls me up, so my ass is in the air, and keeps on fucking me, big shuddering deep thrusts, and he finally cums inside me, I’m gasping of air and I can feel him relaxing. I’m coughing from my sore throat and his choking me, but I moved down there and started sucking his cock, and then he pulled me up, “present to me, you whore”. I did, and in went the medium butt plug.

And he told me that five nights out of seven, I’ll be wearing a butt plug, because he wants my ass looser, because I need to be fucked there more often, because he thinks I’ve forgotten that it belongs to him too. I’m not sure what I did exactly to give him that thought. I wonder if I did nothing, but he simply wanted to exert more control over my ass. So anyway, that was night one this week, and I’m still sick, and I didn’t get enough sleep, and I’m lying in bed right now waiting for him to come home, and knowing I’ll have the plug in my ass again.

The life of a submissive wife. Being owned by her husband, the slut that she is, the cock hungry, greedy little whore who needs to be abused and controlled and hurt.