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Some things we left along the way. Some things we created as we went. Where are we now?

  1. Cleaning his cock with my lips and tongue and mouth after he fucks my cunt. This involves some decent breath control from me, as he likes to grip my head and pull it far down on his cock until I’m filled and struggling to breathe at all. Then he rests there and lets his cock relax. Apparently some of that compulsive gagging and swallowing that I do just makes his cock head feel lovely.
  2. No underwear in the house. But of course. No-one’s surprised about this, I suspect.
  3. Collar on at all times in the house. Again, no surprises.
  4. If he points to the floor, I assume the position, immediately, making sure my ass and cunt are totally uncovered. No questions, no talking back, only allowed 1 statement to tell him if something’s going to burn in the kitchen!
  5. From 9pm onwards (ie after the bulk of the day’s work is done), shackles go on, waist part of chastity belt goes on, all clothing goes off, and I’m allowed a robe to keep myself warm.
  6. Asking for permission before touching my cunt.
  7. Fully shaved, all the time.

That’s about it, I think. We gave up on any idea of “every night, must do X”. Wearing shackles is straightforward, the dress code is incredibly effective for all concerned. But trying to enforce a certain degree of promiscuity on either part was just exhausting and sometimes killed the mood entirely! Now I’m to never hold back with him – whatever I want, I have to tell him. Fucking embarrassing to have him appear behind me in the kitchen, run his hand up my thigh, ask me what I want, and me blurt out “your cum on my face”. But everything I give him, he can use to control me.

BTW that night I got cum on my face. But I had to beg for it. And beg. And fuck myself in the ass with the medium/large butt plug to get it. And do this in the TV room while he sat on the couch and watched TV around my naked body. Fucking embarrassing.