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… since I posted. But according to WordPress stats, I have acquired some new fans, who are probably eagerly awaiting the latest installment.

It’s pretty straightforward. Life has been incredibly busy, to the point of exhaustion every night. So I decided to pull back from the blog, and devote myself to my marriage much more.

Which is going very well, thank you. Months of practising at being a submissive wife have really paid off for me; a lot less doubt, and a lot more kneeling. A lot more ownership, and a lot less decision-making on my part. The use of my body is well and truly determined by Master, and there are nights when I consent simply because saying “no” gets me nowhere. And then when I wake up in the morning, I immediately take his cock into my mouth rather than let resentment build. He controls my breath, cums on my face, and leaves me manacled to the bed. He fucks my ass before breakfast, and keeps me in a spreader bar on the lounge room floor. Then there’s the love, there’s the tenderness, there’s the gentleness of a butt plug being carefully inserted after his cock has left me aching.

To be honest, it’s way heavier than I expected, but a lot simpler too. I know I can’t handle it all the time, but he has proven how effortlessly he can handle me, my body, my will, my emotions. It’s been rewarding to hand it all over to him, and accept the incredible sex and degradation that comes with.

I AM a submissive wife. I AM a slave to him. I AM a slut, and a collection of holes, and his whore to abuse. I AM at peace.