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Last night started with a surprising moment on the couch. We don’t usually play out here, but when I came back from the kitchen with a drink, he started directing me. I was to get on the ground, in front of him, pants off, presenting. He sat up, and of course his cock was now pretty much level with my fuckholes. He got a good grip on my hips, and just ploughed into me. No lead-in of any kind, just his cock pistoning in and out of my tight cunt crazy fast. My forehead was banging on the carpet, I was gripping my ankles as instructed, and I couldn’t help but be incredibly turned on.

Then he pulled out, adjusted me slightly, and pushed the head of his cock into my ass. Sat there for a few seconds. Then inch by inch, he guided his cock into my ass, stretching me bit by bit, using the moisture from my cunt juices to relentlessly press into me. I breathed deep and let it wash over me, let him come into me, forced myself to relax, hard as that is. I just kept thinking in this endless loop – is he going to fuck me as hard here??? And maybe not quite as much, because hey there is a limit to how fast one man can go in an asshole so tight it grips his cock … but there was no illusion of going easy on me, I felt very clearly how much I was there for him to fuck, not to pet, to stroke, to love, but just to fuck until he got his satisfaction. I was trying to control myself but the panting turned into whimpering which turned into some sort of squeal. High pitched keening as I tried to breathe through it. Sore cunt, sore ass. Stretched holes. Finally he plunged really deeply into me, making me literally scream, and he came.

Pulled out, but commanded me not to move. So I stayed there, and after a few minutes he relented and told me to go have a shower and clean up. Which I did. I came out to find him in bed. Get over here, he said. I went to climb across the bed to him, but no, he meant come around – and since I had already misunderstood, I was to crawl, rather than walk. When I reached him, he had his cock out for me to take in my mouth, which of course I did very quickly, because by this point I’m both turned on, in a headspace, and desperate for the play to continue, to get to prove myself. I went down on him like I wanted to devour him, he praised me for that, I was licking and sucking, swirling my tongue, deep throating as much as I could, moaning with pleasure as I did. It’s embarrassing to think about it, but he was so proud of me, he kept telling me how much I’ve learned and how much I’ve improved. So I went harder and harder – taking his balls in my mouth, using lips and tongue and drool, licking up pre-cum, going for it.

I must have proved myself to him. I got my collar – a posture collar this time, and he put me on my back, pulled my legs back up over my shoulders, inspected my cunt and my asshole, telling me how he could see redness, soreness, he could see a bit of blood on my cunt, and how he didn’t care. His cock was coated with my drool and his pre-cum, and that helped as he put his weight on me and forced his cock deep into my ass. You know that thing where you think – surely he realises he needs to be less rough, rather than more rough, because he just fucked me like crazy already? Um, yeah. Not the case. I gritted my teeth, as much as I could, and I started begging him. Not to stop, because I couldn’t bring myself to do that. Just “please, master … please, please, please …” He laughed a bit at me, “babygirl, do you want me to stop? You know I’m not going to.” and he just went even harder. He’d pull out almost all the way, creating a really difficult stretch I couldn’t sustain, and then plunge right back into my ass, making me almost scream. Then making me scream. It’s just how I let it out. So he gagged me with his hand against my mouth, leaning forward, putting more weight onto me as he kept fucking my ass.

He pulled out, I hoped for some relief, then he dragged me into a spooning position as I gasped for breath, and rammed right back into me. With his arms wrapped around me, I can’t do anything, just lie there and take it, which I tried to do, but then he teased me, “go on babygirl, try to stop me”, and I flailed as much as I could, and it was scarcely anything, and he just went at my ass for as long as it took, then he pulled out just before, and, a rare event, he came on my face, hot splashes of his cum landing on my lips, my cheeks, all over the place.

Again, he told me not to move, what was I going to do anyway??? I was so exhausted and totally headfucked by now. He carefully buckled cuffs onto my wrists, and shackled me to the bedhead. Then he twisted and tortured my nipples, making me squeal again, and his cum was seeping down into my mouth, my hair, it was everywhere, and I felt so used, like such a slut. He hadn’t finished with me though.

“Spread your legs, whore.” I obeyed, a bit slowly, so he slapped my cunt. By now I guess he was sick of my squealing and screaming. “Silence. I don’t want to hear another noise.”

He put the speculum in me, and cranked it open, and open, and open. I love this sensation, I feel so ashamed and degraded and I love it, and I loved this moment, and he knew it, and he stroked my cunt, my clit, he tickled and touched and stroked, and it felt so good, and this to me is a reward, and he knew it. His cum was drying on my face, my asshole was red raw from two rough fuckings in the one night, the posture collar was starting to get quite sore, my arms were stretched above my head, and a speculum was spreading my cunt wide open.

The thing is at this point I was exhausted. Mentally and physically. All I could think was just – what was coming next? What was he going to do? I felt so helpless, I was so at his mercy, and I couldn’t argue with the feelings of extreme abuse and humiliation and pleasure that were coursing through my body. And I was just tired – I was ready to fall asleep, but I was being forced to undergo so much, for so long. I couldn’t resent this, though, as I felt my cunt lips stretched open and stroked gently by his fingertips. 

“This is how I love to see you, slut. This is how I know you’re my slut, my whore. You’re _my_ whore; I get to do these things to you, and I do it because I love you. It’s good for you, I can see how much you like it by how wet your cunt is getting, even after everything I’ve done to you.”

I couldn’t argue with this at all. I was keeping my mouth shut anyway.

Finally he released me. Took me for another shower (wet towel!! ew!) and cradled me in the shower as he cleaned me up. I was literally shaking and gasping for breath. He had to remind me how to breathe normally again. He cleaned the cum off my face, he soaped up my asshole, he stroked and touched my cunt to let it relax with the speculum out. Then he took me back to bed, and as I lay there shaking and begging him to hold me, he spooned me.

And of course, because I am at heart such a little whore, I begged for more. I didn’t want the night to end. I begged for his cock, wherever he wanted to put it. “But where, slut? You’re such a slut. You want it in any hole? Which do you want?”

Regular readers will be unsurprised to find out that of course I asked for it in my ass. He laughed with surprise. But he didn’t hesitate. This was quite gentle and restrained, little more than him guiding it into me and letting me shake and quiver and cry just a little once it was in. “That’s it, babygirl. Let it out. You can cry. You’ve done so much tonight, and you still have my cock in your ass. I’m so proud of you.” He thrust slowly and gently into me, just to prove he could I guess, and I did cry, I cried quietly, constantly, big shaking sobs. Headspace like crazy, totally gone at this point. But he told me I needed my sleep. He withdrew, and let me have the small butt plug and chastity belt overnight. And my normal collar. I went to sleep squirming and whimpering and wishing he would use me through the night.

Yeah, the night that never ended. Just crazy.