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I’ve gotten into the swing of this. I feel more loved and appreciated because he’s taking the time to train me into the exact type of slave girl that he wants. He’s not criticizing me for what I had previously been doing. He’s just showing me clearly what he wants, and how he wants it, and I’m getting such praise as I get better.

Things like – servicing him orally whenever we play, by going under the covers to take him in my mouth and remain down there, out of sight, just licking and sucking and staying in position. I’m not to get all energetic and controlling of the oral sex, just lie there and keep his cock buried in my mouth.

Anal sex is getting to be a simple way to control my headspace. He’s using it as a casual sex play in bed on any random evening – my sexual role isn’t to be a panting, orgasming mess with a cock buried in her slick, wet, welcoming cunt. It’s to be his slave girl who doesn’t refuse, who takes everything and accepts it, who won’t complain if she just gets anal. I’d say “if she just gets pain” but the headspace is so good I end up loving it anyway. But not loving it too – because it does hurt, and he does use me roughly, and it ends without any big attention being paid to my cunt. I want to be spoiled, and though he does sometimes, he also is using me purely as a tight hole who is silent and willing. Hot, and very effective at keeping me down there. So, anal as a repeated reminder that the pleasure of my cunt is low priority.

Offering myself. It’s not enough to play the vanilla game of silently spooning and hoping he picks up on the signal. If I want sex, I’m to spread my holes very obviously for him. Presenting, making my holes gape obscenely wide by pulling my cunt lips apart, my ass cheeks apart. Being clear about what I want by asking in a clear, firm voice for his cock in one of my holes. Owning my submission and sexual servitude by acknowledging that it turns me on, and that my sexual appetite is for him to control. Fulfil. Deny.

It makes for a very interesting bedtime, let me assure you.