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i’m calling it a training session – it’s my terminology, not his. i feel it describes it best.

i went to sleep at midnight, he stayed up and came to bed after i had gone to sleep. i pushed through layers of a dream to find his arms wrapped around me, stroking my slit softly with his fingers, and holding and squeezing my breasts with the other. i start to make little moans and happy sighs, snuggling into him and enjoying it. then he pulls me around to face him, grabs a fistful of my hair, and pulling me down, tugging on my nipple, pushing my head, he forces me down under the quilt. i know what’s going on here, i took his cock in my mouth right away and went to work. licking the shaft, sucking and sucking, throwing myself into it. it took a while longer than i thought it would, and then it just kept going. that point where i thought he’d pull me back up to fuck me. we passed it and he just held my head there, fucking my face and me gasping only the smallest breaths around the edges. 

i think this was the same style as the anal sex earlier in the week. being used not in many different interesting arousing ways, but focusing on one hole, and not giving me any space to think about anything else. i know i had no time to think. i was just focusing on breathing, and swallowing all the pre-cum that was seeping into my mouth. keeping my mouth stretched wide open, not biting, not gagging, letting his cock force its way down my throat as far as i could take it. i think this went on for about 15 minutes, which for me is forever. short attention span.

he pulled me back up. i was gasping, my face was covered in my own spit and his pre-cum, and i felt like a mess. i lay there gasping for air. he turned me around again, spooning me. “shhhhh” in my ear. “shhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. i try to get my breathing under control. “that’s enough, babygirl. quiet now.” he doesn’t even touch me, just holds me, lets me come back down to earth.

i’m finally calm, drifting off to sleep even. and he’s pulling me around again. pushing my head back under the covers.

time gets a bit hazy. it was rougher, i think, but maybe that’s because it was such a shock. i vacillated – i wanted to push him away, and get back to the fresh air, and to sleep. i wanted to do my duty and show him just how obedient i was. i wanted to get his cock into my cunt and feel more pleasure. he started fucking my face in earnest, grinding my face into his hair and his balls, twisting me around and kneeling over me, fucking down my throat as i lay on my back convulsing around his cock. probably not 15 min this time. probably less. i’m gagging by now, he pulls me up.

this is a headfuck moment, you know? i was furious, tbh. not furious. i was exhausted, and ready to refuse anything more. he held me, a bit tighter because i suspect he realised. “shhhhhh”. “deep breaths, babygirl.” i was tempted to let the hyperventilating continue, but i needed the oxygen and i listened to him as he told me how to breathe.

then he turned me around to face him, and i started flipping out. “no, no, i know i’m not supposed to say no, but i don’t want to, i really need to sleep.”

he let me rant for a while.

eventually i started to worry. i didn’t want to ruin everything, i just needed a break. 

he understood though. lots of cuddles, lots of hugs. and he gave me a choice. a third time down there, or the larger butt plug til the morning. 

you know that thing where you just can’t really decide because it’s not your decision to make? yeah, me too.

“whatever you want, master.”

pinching both nipples til i was gasping all over again. “get down there then and get my cock in your mouth.”

he was so big by now. he pulled me to him, held my head in position, and gently, slowly, guided his cock down to the back of my throat. then he just held me there, stroking my hair, every now and then adjusting slightly. i felt love from him, love and ownership and control and utter and total power. power i had given him.

he kept me down there for probably only 5 minutes. 5 minutes of me, lying still, mouth stretched open, his cock filling my mouth, me breathing carefully through my nose, feeling more precum seep into my mouth, down my throat. his hands protectively stroking my hair, but never giving me an inch to pull back.

me, giving up. 

then him, pulling me up. no words. turning me around to spoon me. guiding his cock into my ass. pulling me onto it gently but unrelentingly. me, giving it to him. letting him. no words. his cock, in my ass, not moving, just slowly growing soft as i fall asleep.