Honestly? It’s been a quiet few days at my home. Well a busy few holiday, family, friends, socialising days. So a quiet few kink days. Scarcely anything worth mentioning. That’s why I wrote up that fantasy story, while hubby was napping. It’s been quiet, and we’re exhausted.

We’ve agreed to schedule kink into our lives – rather than it try to be a permanent fixture. I return to work next week after some holidays, and I know that I will struggle to be on permanent submission, so a schedule works for this organised girl! Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday or Thursday nights. Starting tonight – Tuesday – just to mess with my organisation!

I would say “I am in two minds about this” except I’m really not. The fantasy, permanent and ongoing, is lovely, but I realise how much I need to ease into it a bit more slowly. I think we both need to. I need to not pressure him to treat me terribly, and he needs to explore how he wants to treat me. A lot less pressure on both of us.

And with some dedicated nights, it means we can be a bit more prepared and excited about it. I know that I’ll be dressing up for him of my own accord. The outfit: the black lace crotchless panties. (of course! Have you divined just how excited I am about them??) A black mesh bra. A pink plaid schoolgirl miniskirt. My black satin underbust corset. My black velvet/lace garter belt. And my black patent leather 4″ stiletto heels.

Is that overkill?

I think he’ll love it 🙂 

Perhaps that’s how we’ll welcome the new year tonight.

Mwah to you all! See you in 2014, when I can report on how the outfit went …